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Violence Committed Against Them Essay

Violence Committed Against Them Essay

Through history we have seen how the patriarchal society has imposed many costumes that has influence women and its role in society which some of them still remain now a days. Men have always been the head of the family which has given them in part superiority which they have used as a power to control women. Women were taught to be submissive and pleasant to their husband, they were responsible of the house and kids which is one of the traditions that we can see in society that it still remains. Violence against women is everywhere! It doesn’t matters from what social economic stratus you are or your level of education is, violence can happen to you, your daughter, your mother, your neighbor, your coworker, any women that surrounds you.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

According the United Nations it is defined violence against women as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.” Men are taught to be strong and violent since little and when they grow up they implement what they have been taught and what he has seen in his house when he was little, if the father used to be violent against his mother in front of him there are high probabilities that the kid will do the same thing as his father. The kid after seeing so much violence considers it as a routine, something normal and necessary, at a small age you can amend that, but still something that he saw will remain and most likely apply it later on. Violence can be divided into 3 main groups: Physical violence, Sexual violence and Psychological violence the other types of violence fall to sub categories of this three. Psychological violence is the one that causes more harm to women as this causes sequels and traumas for a long period, it can even lead to suicide.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

The United Nations made a call to end violence against women all around the world in 1993 and since then it has been making studies about violence against women in different parts of the world. This call for an end has empowered many countries to develop laws that protect women of all ages. In his document of Domestic violence they show a table of the violence that can be received according the phase of the women. Violence starts since the moment you are in your mother’s womb, and you might be wondering why, if it has not been born? Well abortion because of the sex of the baby that in this case would be a female baby is considered as a type of violence against women because of the preference of one type of sex.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

According the United Nations seven out of 10 women receive violence once in their lives, either sexual, physical, psychological violence. In some cultures mutilation of the genital parts of women is practiced and that is considered as a type physical violence against women that is prohibited, normally the ones that do this are other women promoted by the mother of the girl. Some common type of violence in Nicaragua are the economic inequality, which is when the woman gets paid more than a man and because of the patriarchal society that is like an offense to men because they are the head of the family, the one that brings the money to the house and that a woman gains more than you is seen almost as a dishonor for some men which can lead to violence. Nicaragua recently has one of the strongest laws that protect women which is Act No. 779 Integral Law against Violence Against Women; it was approved by the National Assembly January 26th, 2012 and published in June 22nd of the same year. Since then we can see how the rate of reports have decreased, Nicaragua used to have other law before that had mediation which was more smoother, in this new law there no mediation any more. Once you report a case of violence the police immediately looks for the man and takes him to jail, then they check if you have any physical evidence or psychological trauma. If they find evidence the man will stay in jail for a period of time depending on how harsh is the trauma or bruises. Another factor that may influence is that if he committed that act in front of underage kids his sentence may be doubled because he is violating the children’s rights.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

The previous law that it was used was Act No. 648, in which it mediation was used, so according some police woman the reason why the reports of violence have decreased is because of that. Before woman where used to go to the police and report their case, but they would tell the police that they just want them to scare them so that they didn’t do it again. The police would go to the house get the man, put him into jail and then they would threaten him and sometimes women would do this to take something out of it. Now a days if you report a case of violence the man is placed in jail and will not come out until he pays his sentence, there is no mediation anymore.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

One factor that has to do with violence is the level of education of the person because when you receive a better education you know how to defend yourself, what are your rights, what are the limits, where to go when your rights have been violated. Violence against women not only exists in the family, but also at work. The period of the adolescence and adulthood is where violence is more constant and there are several types of it. An example of violence against women at a working place is to private some information because of their sex, forced sexual intercourse to maintain a job. This are some types of violence during the adolescence and adulthood that the United Nations lists in “Domestic Violence” published in June, 2000 “Dating and courtship violence (e.g. acid throwing and date rape) economically coerced sex (e.g. school girls having sex with “sugar daddies” in return for school fees); incest; sexual abuse in the workplace; rape; sexual harassment; forced prostitution and pornography; trafficking in women; partner violence; marital rape; dowry abuse and murders; partner homicide; psychological abuse; abuse of women with disabilities; forced pregnancy.”Violence Committed Against Them Essay

Femicide is the act of men murdering women; it is the ultimate physical violence. Normally women that are killed have suffered before any type of violence by their intimate partner, coworker or even somebody she doesn’t know. Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia de Nicaragua is an organization that has helped women get out of the violence circle since 1992, they keep records of reports and femicides, this organization works together with the police even though it an NGO. According Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia de Nicaragua during the past year a total of 82 women died because of Femicide in which 14 were murdered in Managua which takes the highest death rates because of that in the country. Most of these 82 deaths were caused by people that didn’t know the victim, followed by the husbands with 15 of the deaths. The common scenario of murders was at their house with 49 of these deaths, followed by the street with 26 and the workplace which takes 3rd place with 5 deaths. The cause of death was in their majority by getting stabbed and most of them rapped too. The month that has more currency of deaths is December and the ages that have more deaths are 1st from ages 21 to 30 with 25 deaths, followed by deaths between 11 to 20 years old with 20 deaths.Violence Committed Against Them Essay


The problem is here and now! Women in Nicaragua have laws that protect her, but why they have decreased reporting? Some of the reasons that are constant are the economic dependence on the men and the feelings involved with the person. Economic dependence is very common in the country, especially in big families with low economic resources because they need to maintain all of their sons, but the father may be physically, psychologically or sexually abusing of her, or maybe the three of them. She is going to remain silent and just be submissive with her husband in order to keep working and bringing money to the family to maintain the kids. It is not convenient economically for her to report his abuse because he is going to get arrested and there will not be enough money to provide everything their kids need. What she is not considering is that yes, maybe they will be able to provide all the kids needs, but one day the husband may hit so harsh that he might kill her and her children will left without a mother. The other cause of not reporting an abuse is the feelings attached to the aggressor that makes woman delusional because if the first year of marriage he hits you and allowed him, he will keep doing it the rest of his life, but most women don’t think that, they think that the person is going to change, that he will not do it again, that if she reports him he is going to divorce her. They are in danger because their feeling blind them, once an aggressor, always an aggressor.Violence Committed Against Them Essay

If a person knows about an abuse that is being committed to a woman and they don’t report it they are consider as an accomplice because when you report you preventing somebody suffer and even saving a life. Other factor of the lack of reports is the family, when there are kids in a marriage that there is violence, but the kids haven’t been affected because of they are not fully aware. She doesn’t wants to report him because they need a father to grow up with, a man guide to them, this is completely wrong in my opinion because they do need a father presence, but this man can kill her. If the woman doesn’t wants to report then in these cases is better a divorce and take away the kids from the father because sooner or later these kids will be influenced by his aggressive behavior and when they grow up they might act as their father. If the kids stay with the father they may get hurt or killed because you don’t know until what point he controls himself. The best solution is to report because he will be in jail away from her and her children; nothing can happen to them, while if he is free he can commit other types of crimes against them like harassing them. Violence Committed Against Them Essay. The fourth frequent excuse of why women don’t report an abuse is because they didn’t know that that was an abuse or they had the right to report a specific event. This occurs because of the lack of promotion of the rights and the process of reporting. Many people know their basic rights like the right of freedom of speech, education, medicine, etc. but the government should do campaigns to educate people about their rights and up to what point a person is violating your rights. If the government would do this the number of reports may increase. Violence against women is something serious that it cannot be ignored because it affects not only that woman, but the whole society. It is a necessity to report any abuse that you have knowledge of that way we decrease the death rates because of femicides and teach the new generations that that is wrong and if they are victims there are ways to get out of it or they violate the rights of others there are punishments that you surely are going to receive if you commit any. If we don’t report how can we encourage other people to report? It doesn’t matter what people say afterwards, your safety comes first, it is your top priority. Violence Committed Against Them Essay


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