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USA and the Illegal Immigrants Essay

USA and the Illegal Immigrants Essay

Immigration reform causes a need for an issue-defining frame. There are problems that this frame defines. First, the US Government has failed to control its borders completely. Secondly, millions of people pass across the borders without granted permission just to make money in the US.USA and the Illegal Immigrants Essay

Finally, once they are inside, they sometimes forge documents to get work, going against the laws of labor and lying to employers who follow the labor laws (Lynch and Woodyard.). They end up taking jobs meant for the ordinary American citizens and the immigrants who got in legally.

They also bear children who will have to be American citizens and be forced to use local services including schools and hospitals. However, the biggest issue is whether or not these illegal immigrants should receive social services such as Medicare, welfare, and food stamps (Skogan 168). Illegal immigrants who work hard to support themselves and their families prove to be better human beings and therefore should receive the social services.

These issues concentrate entirely on the immigrants and the agencies responsible for overseeing immigration laws. Lakoff uses the strict father of a family model to demonstrate the issues of morality in politics. Freedom of action can be understood as freedom to move. Because of this, boundaries of morality are sometimes and more often seen as impediments of freedom (Lakoff 45).USA and the Illegal Immigrants Essay

This implies that people who force their beliefs and values on other people are seen to impede their freedom. It is human nature to move freely in search of security and better life. Immigrants crossing the borders into US from other countries are uncomfortable with the nature of things happening in their country and they are in pursuit of a better life.


Lakoff states that without incentives of punishment and reward to a child, important values such as self discipline would vanish. And to avoid this from happening, a sense of authority and competition must be exercised. He further says that competition is important in a moral world.

Immigrants come to the US and take up labor jobs meant for low waged Americans and accept to be paid much lower wages so that they can make a living. They participate in tax payment. Their kids are in school in America. They plan to raise their families in America. And for the most part of their lives, they are swallowed in to the system in America (Skogan 175).USA and the Illegal Immigrants Essay

Those who work hard to build the economy of America should be rewarded and not be denied necessary documents that would guarantee them their basic human rights such as being entitled to the services provided by both the local and federal government. However punishment should be upon those who do not want to work and constantly engage in unlawful activities such as drug dealing (Skogan 170). The overall authority has a responsibility to maintain order work for the benefit of those under their authority.

Illegal workers are important components of America’s macro and micro economies. It is projected that the American labor force is aging fast and the working illegal immigrants play a critical role of replacing the ageing labor force at a lower cost (Lynch and Woodyard.). They should therefore be granted access to social services. Since most of the unauthorized workers contribute to tax revenues, they should also benefit from social services.

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