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United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay

United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay


United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a US multinational corporation with headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia that primarily deals in logistics, supply package delivery as well as supply chain management. This is supplemented with a number of its additional operations such as freight-based trucking (UPS freight), delivery drone airline (UPS flight forward), cargo airline (UPS airline) and lastly shipping centers (UPS store).United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay


For a company to succeed in this competitive corporate world, it must role out it stays clear of its mission which is basically what it primarily does or seeks to achieve. UPS has carried this business aspect perfectly because the company is alive to its mission which encompasses various aspects (Hill, Charles, and Gareth 56). First, realize a global business growth through offering exemplary logistic needs of the customers, ensure excellence and value in everything that is carried out by the company. Secondly, act as an inspiration to the UPS’s family as well as the firm’s partners to give out their best thus offering a perfect opportunity for individual success and development (Garvin, and Lynne 7).  Additionally, UPS emphasizes the need to maintain the financial viability of the company characterized by a widespread employee-ownership that creates prolonged competitive returns to the owners of shares of the company (Hill, Charles, and Gareth 76).United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay

Equally, the company asserts the need to lead by example in terms of responsibility, care, and sustainability providing a unique way of service to the community being attended to. The underlying strategy that comes out, in this case, is that the statements focus towards customer satisfaction, protection of the corporate environment as well as realizing the bigger picture of the business which realizing good returns (Hill, Charles, and Gareth 89).

The statements are primarily customer-oriented; this ascertains the need to offer value for customer portfolio through the application of superior capabilities through strategies such as offering services that tend to realize an expansion of UPS’s customer worldwide markets, this is in a way a positioning strategy and increasing customer base and exposure (Garvin, and Lynne 9). Another way of executing the strategy is by providing adopting unique and leading technology in the industry with a general view of simplifying customer business interactions processes that would, in turn, create comfort in carrying out activities. Further, we have a clear demonstration of how the logistic power and authority can prove to be leverage against the competitors to our customers and lastly strategically ensure a configuration of our wide portfolio of solutions for our market and customers (Garvin, and Lynne 18).United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay

Further, the statements emphasize the fact that there needs to be a continuous transformation to help realize that UPS enjoys as the leader in the industry. Through the delivery of exemplary experiences to the customers, the application of sales and marketing prowess to realize growth accompanied by good returns as well as improving performance through quality and the use of technology (David and Forest 35). Lastly, the mission statements prove strategic in carrying out investments in major markets and new avenues. This can be executed by increasing the rate of the company’s growth by capitalizing on global scales and network, putting up UPS’s infrastructure and existence in emerging markets as well as do an expansion of providing an integrated variety of solutions when it comes to logistics services.

In addition to UPS strategic positioning itself to the corporate world through the mission statements, some goals are part and parcel to the realization of the overall dream. The goals are community and workforce oriented and the bigger picture is to address issues related to customers, social responsibility as well as the corporation workforce (Trigeorgis and Reuer 44). Concerning environmental goals (social aspects), the corporation has adopted conservancy measures like a 25 % acquisition of electricity from renewable sources, 40% use of alternative fuel of the total of underground fuel, a 25% of alternative fuel use and those that are of latest technology and a 12% decrease in total GHG emissions when it comes to ground operations (Garvin, and Lynne 19).United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay


The underlying strategy in this is to cut the costs of operations, the satisfaction of customer needs and to create a positive image in the minds of the current and potential customers. Again, UPS has had leverage in its marketing capabilities through involvement in community drives through its 2020 community goals (Bolisani & Constantin 61). This has been ascertained an increase of global volunteerism that runs up to a combined 20 million hours, charitable contributions of $120 million and a 15 million global tree-planting mission (Garvin, and Lynne 23). The strategy behind this move is to create a global outlook by the expansion of territories, market the brand name as well as create a good relationship between the already acquired customers and potential ones (Bolisani & Constantin 67). Of course, this has worked to the advantage of UPS and has given the corporation a market advantage against competitors who are just confined to purely doing logistics in the industry.United Parcel Service Corporate Strategy Essay

UPS is also committed to the realization of the 2020 workforce goals. First in this category is the improvement in time lost due to injury frequency, which has greatly improved the efficiency of services offered by the company, an improvement in frequency of auto accidents has also improved the efficiency as well as increasing reliability because this is a strategy to reduce delays and damages in the process of services delivery to customers workforce (Trigeorgis and Reuer 44). Lastly is the improvement of employee engagement levels. The strategy behind all these goals is an overall improvement in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

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