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Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies

Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies

The Purnell’s Model can shed light on a client’s background and help nurses and other healthcare professionals to develop proper communication with him/her (Weiss, Tilin & Morgan, 2013). The model includes 12 domains.Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies

As for heritage, I am American and I live in Florida. I am 31 and I am a nurse. I am also a student as I am taking a course in nursing and I intend to get the degree in this sphere.

I speak English and I am quite emotional. I have quite expressive body language and facial expressions. I like having an eye contact with the interlocutor. I am quite open and I am ready to compromise if necessary. I do not like conflicts, shouting or losing my temper.Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies

As for organisation, I have rather active lifestyle. This domain presupposes analysis of gender and household roles (Tortumluoglu, 2006). I have to say that we are equal partners in my marriage we discuss all crucial issues and we tend to make instant decisions on daily routine.

As for workforce domain, I do not have any hereditary disorders or allergies to any drugs (of what I know). As for high-risk behaviours, I can say that I am a healthy and responsible person as I do not smoke or use drugs (any other substances). I am an active person and there is a lot of exercise in my life. I also pay appropriate attention to my safety and safety of my close ones.

When it comes to nutrition, I am also quite healthy and responsible as I only occasionally eat junk food. I am not allergic to any products I know and I do not have deficiencies. I am young and sometimes I can be a bit irresponsible (for example, I can eat junk food, or have irregular meals). However, I understand that each year I have to be more responsible and promote healthy nutrition habits for myself and my family.Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies


As for childbearing practices, I understand that pregnancy is a natural state for a female but I also believe a pregnant woman should have all the necessary check-ups and services in conventional healthcare units. I do not support ‘old’ or too ‘innovative’ ways of childbearing practices. My sister has recently delivered a baby and I supported her during this period.

As for death rituals, I had a devastating experience of losing my parents-in-law in a horrible plane crash. It was a common ceremony at a cemetery and we all prayed for those who passed away. All relatives came to support us at this tragic moment and it helped us cope with our sorrows.

Admittedly, spirituality plays an important role in human’s life and it is beneficial to know about this aspect of a patient’s life (Sagar, 2014). I am a Christian and I go to the church when I feel I need it. I find my strength and the meaning of life in my family.

As for health care practices, I adhere to the viewpoint that traditional practices are the most effective. I have my regular check-ups and I am ready to address a health issue if I have one. I support any health care interventions I (or my family) may need.Trans cultural Nursing Education Strategies

I believe healthcare practitioners are professionals who have a lot of responsibility. For instance, a professional nurse has to have all the necessary knowledge and skills and be able to provide the customer with high-quality healthcare services with special attention to the patient’s needs, expectations and personal traits.

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