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The Telephone Essay Sample

The Telephone Essay Sample

The way people communicate has tremendously transformed since the end of the 19th century. The new technology such as the telephone has connected individuals all over the world and changed the way individuals interact on a daily basis. For instance, telephones and especially mobile phones have eliminated distance, it is now part of the people’s popular culture and has changed people’s attitudes and expectations.The Telephone Essay Sample

Telephones remedied individuals from the restrictions of space just like trains and airplanes. Besides, telephones delivered liberty for those who formerly had little or no influence. For instance, people from all parts of the world were able to communicate by just dialling a number (Drago 4). Besides, people were able to make new friends without necessarily notifying those around them. For instance, children acquired the freedom to make friends with individuals from all parts of the world without necessarily notifying their parents.

Telephones changed people’s approaches and prospects. For instance, if individuals are late for a conference, they inform each other by just making a telephone call. As a result, it is no longer necessary agreeing on where and when to meet as people can only call each other and give their locations. Convenience is therefore established making things run easily for the greater good of humanity.The Telephone Essay Sample

Telephone had a significant impact on the type of employees that businesses had to employ. Before the spread of telephones, different enterprises needed to physically deliver messages to one another. This necessitated the employment of messengers which became needless with the widespread of telephones (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development 33). Besides, the business was made more efficient as instant communication became dominant. For instance, an individual would spend time writing a memo to deliver a certain message, alternatively, an individual had to travel to see another person which was time-consuming.


Mobile phone technology has also been used in improving the delivery of healthcare services in parts of the world. For instance, childhood vaccination services have been made possible by mobile phones (Fett 28). Caregivers of new-borns receive voice and text messages a day before the vaccination. A reminder is also sent to the parents or families of the targeted group of children through their own phones. Parents to children who were never vaccinated during the second reminder also receive a notification message. Service providers update the status of the vaccination using their telephones through which they are able to realize the number of children who are not vaccinated through which diseases are prevented. Besides, family planning has been made possible by mobile phones (Fett 28). Couples are advised on the best family planning techniques and the importance of spacing births by health specialists through text messages. The service providers also ensure they make follow-ups which impact positively on the health of the people.

Telephones and especially mobile phones have made the world a better place to live for all individuals. In the medieval period, individuals faced a myriad of challenges. For instance, to purchase commodities, they had to visit different stalls which was time-consuming. That trend however, changed with the invention of telephones. Individuals can now order their necessities online through their phones. This, therefore, saves time and the hustle of obtaining products from the markets. The time saved is however used to conduct other important life activities such as family bonding.The Telephone Essay Sample

Telephones have tremendously affected the cultural norms and individual behaviors in a negative way.  For instance, telephone technology has affected face to face communications among people in the world. The time people spend on their mobile phones transcends the time people spend bonding. As a result, poor relationships between different individuals have been on the increase in the recent past (Drago 4). For instance relationships between parents and their children have been on the decline due to telephone technology. In addition, telephones have also played a pivotal role in the occurrence of traffic accidents. Most of these accidents occur as a result of text messaging and phone calls which lead loss of lives.

Living in a world without telephones would affect all areas of life. Lack of telephones would result in a lack of the internet. Many activities that require access to the internet would come to a halt.  For instance, business people would not send important emails and messages (Drago 4). Besides, teleconferencing would greatly be affected thus interrupting people’s lives.  People’s health would also be affected significantly. For instance, calling personal doctors inquiring certain health-related issues would be impossible translating into poor health among the people. Living in a world with no telephones would also affect politics of the world. Through mobile phones, political leaders are able to sell their manifestos and citizens express their views on how different governments should run.

In conclusion, telephone technology has greatly changed the world. They have significantly played a role in connecting individuals all over the world and changed the way individuals interact on a daily basis and changed people’s approaches and prospects. Besides, telephones have improved the delivery of healthcare services in parts of the world. For instance, childhood vaccination services have been made possible by mobile phones. The Telephone Essay Sample

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