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The Role Of Nursing Informatics On Nursing Leadership

The Role Of Nursing Informatics On Nursing Leadership

Nursing informatics has developed for the last 25 years into a famous field in nursing and a vital part to the healthcare system (Shuler, 2011). Nurses use technology in their daily work to collect data, and use health information technology systems to record patient data. The use of health information systems aid in improving patient care, propel research, and show regulatory compliance (Stevens, 2010). The Role Of Nursing Informatics On Nursing Leadership

According to the American Nurses Association, nursing informatics is a profession that integrates computer science, nursing science and information science to communicate and manage data, information, wisdom and knowledge in the nursing career (Shuler, 2011). Nursing informatics entails the use of information and technology to enhance education in nursing, research and support the practice of nursing. Stevens (2010) argues that nursing professionals should embrace the new management opportunities provided by the integration of information and information technology in their daily nursing activities. Nursing informatics concentrates on data, information and knowledge. The paper discusses the role of nursing informatics on nursing leadership.



Information technology is almost used in every aspect, in the society. To achieve nursing leadership, nursed should understand and use them to improve the provision of health care services and enhance daily nursing routing practices. The changing expectations of patients prompts nurses to share medical information and ensure information is used in a safe and secure manner (Shuler, 2011). Within the last 10 years, the healthcare field has been transitioning from the traditional paper record system to an electronic medical record (EMR). Medical professionals believe a computerized system encompasses the future. The use of healthcare information system has several benefits such as minimizing unwanted repetition of paperwork and ensures that data is more comprehensible (Cooper, 2012).

Healthcare practitioners in the field of nursing have embraced the use of electronic medical records because it enhances patient care. Lower operational costs, staffing costs and positive outcomes from when handling patients can be realized from an implemented nursing informatics system such as electronic medical record system (Cooper, 2012).

Nursing informatics can help in enhancing the leadership of nurses by assisting in making several significant decisions on caring of patients (Gardiner, 2013). The use of quality nursing informatics helps nurses to save time and avoid extra work during their daily work routine. The nursing informatics support accurate entry patient information which can be used to support in making decision using evidence from the information entered into the system (Shuler, 2011). The Role Of Nursing Informatics On Nursing Leadership

Leaders in healthcare face the challenge of complexity and acuity. The implementation of healthcare technology systems can help in reducing complex care and increase acuity (Gardiner, 2013). Nurses are required to be efficient when communicating and disseminating information. The new technology in use can improve service provision for patients. Nursing leaders should embrace the use of new healthcare technologies to improve the quality of work and activity workflow in health centres (Gardiner, 2013).

Quality care can be achieved by involving nursing leadership that seeks to manage the implementation of the healthcare system. The potential for information and the transformation of processes involved in taking care of a patient conceptualize the language for nursing informatics. The present society provides leadership with an array of available information and technology options to use. The use of nursing informatics can aid leadership and nurses to attain better results and provide quality care in a faster manner. Information technology is a significant tool to facilitate the practice of nursing, and its goal is to enhance workflow by bringing nurses closer to patients.The Role Of Nursing Informatics On Nursing Leadership


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