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The Recipe Of Eternal Life Essay Sample

The Recipe Of Eternal Life Essay Sample

Everyone wants to live a longer healthier life or to be immortal would be even more ideal. But we all ask ourselves what the recipe to having an extended life is? Kings, Queens, Pharaohs or any high person wanted to extend their life for the sake of their popularity and highness to be everlasting. The remains of the ancient ancestors relate in songs, pyramids or scripts and are the only pieces of history left to describe them and their roles. The people of today’s world, live way longer than the past ancestors and it’s mainly because the people are so conscious of their surroundings and learn off past experiences. They remember warning signs of diseases and stop them right away if there is a cure. Or doctors document every detail in writing of signs of a sickness and be sure to avoid the next case by treating the patient differently. Some scientists think they have the cure to slow aging down, but the cure for aging would require a redo of the human genome. The Recipe Of Eternal Life Essay Sample

The oldest fish in the world known, was a koi named Hanako. Hanako died at the age of 226. Another animal creature that was reported interesting was the hard-shell clam Arctica islandica that can live up to 400 years. Scientist know that this species can live that long due to the annual rings on the shell. Or how about we switch lives with the hydras. Hydras are small animals who seem to only get younger as they age, they are considered biologically immortal. Another species is the Turritopsis Mutricula which is a jellyfish that can also age backwards. Researchers say that these types of species could possibly take over the population one day, with an exception to accident, disease and predation. Relating these species to humans is connected through the known idea of some cells being “immortal”. For instance look at Henrietta Lacks and her story of cervical cancer. She was diagnosed with having cervical cancer at the age of 31. Cell samples were taken from her cervix and were being tried to grow. Upon examination, the HeLa cells grew like a wildfire. In fact, some HeLa cells are still alive today. HeLa cells are potent in their chromosome makeup line and could never be used to have an immortal life, but they definitely lead the way for researchers to look more into that specific area of cells. The Recipe Of Eternal Life Essay Sample


But there is a downside to having an immortal life. Thomas Malthus, died in 1834, was concerned about the population which at that time was around 1 billion and today it stands at 7 billion. He had a vision that the number of machines in the world was to take over jobs for people. That we would become overpopulated and there would be long living species taking over. The world would be a diverse population resistant to all diseases and viruses. Many people can agree that being immortal would be a benefit to society, while others argue the opposing side. There is a drive of researchers who want to prevents long term risks like extinction or warfare. So if the Earth survives, so does the people. The Recipe Of Eternal Life Essay Sample


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