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The Problem of Iron Deficiency Anemia Study

The Problem of Iron Deficiency Anemia Study

According to the results of both, the interview with the patient and results of the laboratory values, it is possible to suggest that Ms. A.  has an anemia, provoked by insufficiency of iron. Ms. A. has most of the symptoms, which characterize iron deficiency anemia. Such symptoms as : fatigue, weakness, fast heartbeat and shortened breath, as well as lightheadedness and dizziness are typical symptoms of iron deficiency anemiaThe Problem of Iron Deficiency Anemia Study

Iron deficiency anemia is a disease, characterized by lack of red blood cells in the organism. Lack of iron prevents red blood cells from carrying enough oxygen to tissues.

Taking into account the patient’s age, health status and her physical state and symptoms, it is possible to suggest that Ms. A is suffering of iron deficiency anemia.  In general, iron deficiency anemia is associated with the deficiency of iron. Ms. A. can also lack certain important vitamins and minerals, such as   B12 and  foliate.  This lack of iron gives sufficient explanation to the lack of red blood cells in the organism.    Other symptoms, described by the patient also give the chance to suggest iron deficiency. Ms. A experienced low level of energy and enthusiasm. These symptoms can signify the deficit of the Vitamin B12, as well as iron deficiency. The enhance of symptoms, mentioned above, during the menses period also support the pervious thesis. Blood loss during the menses period conditioned the loss of the iron, contained in the blood and thus made the symptoms worse.  Such problems as menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal show that an individual suffers because of excessive blood loose during the menstrual cycle.  In some cases, menorrhagia can cause blood loss anemia. This happens due to reduce the number of red blood cells circulating in the organism. The number of RBC is measured by hemoglobin, a protein, which is responsible for transportation of oxygen to tissues. According to the information, provided in the case, Ms. A. has increased shortness of breath. This symptom can signify iron deficit, since hemoglobin is responsible for oxygen transportation. Shortened production of hemoglobin may result in shortness of breath. Iron deficiency anemia occurs in the case when the body makes and attempt to compensate the loss of red blood cells by using iron stores in order to produce more hemoglobin. In some cases, menorrhagia can decrease the level of iron to the extend to cause the risk of iron deficiency anemia.  It is possible to suggest that the patient loses a big amount of important vitamins and minerals during the menses.The Problem of Iron Deficiency Anemia Study


The result of the laboratory values also proves the suggestion. The level of hemoglobin is lower than the norm. The norm of hemoglobin for women is usually rangers from 12 to 16 g/dl (O’Connell, 2017). The patient has 8 g/dl, which is lower than the norm. The level of hematocrit is also low. In the case under investigation the level of hematocrit is 32%, while the norm for females makes    37% to 48% (O’Connell, 2017). Hematocrit shows the correlation of blood red cells to the volume of whole blood and according to the laboratory values the results are lower than norm. Low erythrocyte count  ( 3.1 x 10/mm) illustrates that the amount of RBC is lower than the norm and serve as additional sign of iron deficiency anemia (O’Connell,, 2017). Microcytic anemia is often caused by iron deficiency and characterized by hypochromic and microcytic red blood cells. Since RBC smear showed microcytic and hypochromic cells, it is possible to speak about iron deficiency anemia. Reticulocyte count fits the higher limit of norm (1.5%), and shows that the amount of new red blood cells is in norm.The Problem of Iron Deficiency Anemia Study

Such signs of iron deficiency anemia as pale skin, weakness and fatigue can be traced in the case under investigation.  The problem of iron deficiency anemia is usually worsened by heavy menstrual periods, which can also be traced in Ms. A’s case.  The current worsened health state can be conditioned by the combination of factors. The patient may be recovering after extensive blood loss after the menstruation. In addition, the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are enhance due to physical activity and weather conditions. The results of the laboratory value also prove the diagnosis.


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