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The Independent Living Center Services

The Independent Living Center Services

The Independent Living Center, a care center in Missouri, acts as a technology demonstration center and gives resources and assistance to the disabled. In addition, the care center is mandated with the role of providing important information to researchers about the health of the patients admitted as well as any other complications that might arise. Therapists also get important information from the independent center concerning the history and medical conditions of patients. Caregivers, medical professionals and schools are the other beneficiaries to the resources available at the care center.The Independent Living Center Services

 The Missouri Assistive Technology Demonstration Center is one of the many independent centers that deal with disabled individuals and ensure that medical resources and information are provided to the right individuals at the right time (The Independence Living Center [TILC], 2011). In the Missouri center, the greatest priority is given to center’s consumers. Despite the center being a non-profit organization, the organization ensures that there is equitable provision of care. In addition, the facility not only serves the disabled, but also their family members and the community at large. This practice promotes healthy living among patients, as a shared initiative between the community, family members and The Independent Living Center (The Independence Living Center [TILC], 2011).

The Independent Living Center (TILC) offers consumer directed services (CDS) and employee programs. Within this service, consumer interests are regarded with uttermost importance to prevent health complications and to safeguard the lives of the disabled. In addition, The Independent Living Center offers equipments to homes to assist the disabled to live in a comfortable and more secure manner. Adaptive equipments are also provided at the center to ensure that home-based care is effective and comfortable. Homes with disabled persons have to be comfortable and are therefore modified be consistent with all the required health standards.The Independent Living Center Services


The facility also offers youth services to both the disabled and healthy persons. The role of giving support services to the youth is aimed at ensuring young persons are conversant with psychological and social challenges as well as the possible solutions they can adopt to solve them. Besides providing services to the youth, the facility ensures that all disability issues in the community are properly addressed. The facility also offers advocacy and support services to families of disabled persons, especially the deaf. The services it provides ensure that the correct environments are achieved to enable the disabled to live comfortable lives.

The facility is equipped with enough equipment valued at approximately $35,000. From these equipments, the facility sells some to the public and the profits that are generated from these sales are used to expand and improve the services at The Independent Living Center in Missouri. In-home care services and community transitions are other services offered at The Independent Living Center.

Through home-based centers, the disabled are able to receive reliable care without necessarily having to leave their homes. The facility ensures that household income guidelines are met to certify if the pertinent families are capable of protecting and taking care of the disabled persons. The individuals who are served at the facility have to be evaluated to ensure that they do not receive medical equipments from other centers (The Independence Living Center [TILC], 2011).The Independent Living Center Services

 The facility is very helpful because it ensures that all the disabled persons are taken care of without discrimination and gives the first priority to the locals. Through these services, the community and the pertinent family members are brought together to ensure that the disabled persons get the best possible care (The Independence Living Center [TILC], 2011). The elderly are also included in the care plan because of the problems associated with advanced age. The facility is therefore helpful in achieving and maintaining a favorable environment within which the disabled can feel secure and comfortable.

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