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The Hispanic Group Essay Example

The Hispanic Group Essay Example 

   The Hispanic group


People across the globe identify themselves with a particular race based on color or cultural similarities. More often than not, some of these races are looked down upon by many people creating a harsh environment for them. Racial difference brings about inequalities and biased opportunities. Some people in the society feel that a certain race deserves better jobs than others. This racial discrimination results in dissatisfaction among the affected race and breeds spiteful attitudes. The Hispanic Group Essay Example

The Hispanic population has endured all forms of discrimination from the workplace to the community. Nevertheless, they have continued to compete for the scarce resources at disposal. The Hispanic population has kept expanding as a result of migration to the developed countries in search of job opportunities while in some other countries the population is native following the pre-colonial period. This paper will analyze the struggle of being Hispanic and  thechallenges faced by Hispanic women in their pursuit to make ends meet. The Hispanic Group Essay Example

The struggle

Hispanics are described as less productive and intelligent. According to Turner et al., (77) this population is thought to be driven by material wealth. Majority of youth and citizens spend considerable time doing physical exercise to maintain their shapes and exploring world fantasies. Rather than investing their time in productive business, they spend it on unproductive activities often leading to crimes and violence than other races. In Puerto Rico, the majority of the crimes reported involved a Hispanic citizen often driven by substance abuse which further indicates lack of productivity (Turner et al., 78).

In most of the European countries, Hispanics are second most to be discriminated after the Afro-Americans. Significant portions of the Hispanic population are immigrants. Huntington (4),details that fecundity rate of the immigrants is a bit higher than the natives. The impact of this fertility rate is felt in schools. U.S teachers have expanded the class size to accommodate the increased number of children. Also, the teachers are faced with a language challenge since the majority of these children speak their  motherlanguage back at home. The report provided by U.S census depicted that in almost every district school, 60% of the students are Hispanic which put some pressure on the government to avail more resources to cater for the rising number of children. Such pressures make them continue being branded illegals. The Hispanic Group Essay Example

In the business world, the Hispanic women continue being sidelined due to their gender and race. The U.S government has tried to eliminate the disparity that exists between women and men in the corporate world, but still, women are still oppressed in terms of wages.  Rinderle et al., (153) asserts that women still receive lower pay as compared to their male counterparts with the same educational background. Even other women settle for hard labor jobs to make ends meet. In the past, farms relied on labour from minority groups such as Chinese and Japanese but nowadays Hispanic population provide farm labor.


The Hispanic women continue to suffer following work discrimination. Further, some organizations still believe the Hispanic women are fragile and unsuitable for work. According to the U.S census conducted in 2013, the Hispanic population is the most extensive minority group after Afro- Americans. The minority groups are typified by poverty and crime.  Huntington (3)specifies that the minority group people are perceived as criminals and idlers. However, Hispanics are an industrious lot of individuals as compared to other immigrants. These minority groups feel that more needs to be changed in order totransform people’s notion and perspective. In a nutshell, the society should place equal chances for people on competency basis but not race. The Hispanic Group Essay Example


Hispanics continue to face discrimination from every sector of the economy. Being in the race that is negatively looked at lowers the morale to work and compete effectively.

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