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The Health Care System – Linkages and Alliances

The Health Care System – Linkages and Alliances

The health care system under analysis is that of Hunterdon Family Medicine Residency. The primary objective of the medical center is to educate residents on how they can utilize precepts and values that are fundamental to the practice of medicine by family physicians in New Jersey. Residents get to have a unique opportunity where they can experience how effective family physicians can be in the society. Hunterdon County benefits a lot from the integrated delivery system of the hospital, which creates linkages and alliances with stakeholders in order to meet its objective. The Health Care System – Linkages and Alliances

Hunterdon Medical Center is a health center facility that was established in 1953 with the sole vision of integrating a health care delivery system in the community. The concept consisted of several objectives where primary care was to be delivered by family physicians in the community. Consultative and specialty care was to be provided in the hospital but when such patients felt relatively okay, they were returned to personal doctors who could take care of them at home. The medical center has 178 beds and advanced medical and surgical units that can adequately cater for the medicinal needs of patients. It also contains a 12 bed coronary care unit, 20 bed surgery center, 20 bed maternity care center, ten bed pediatric unit, and 14 bed behavioral health wing (Hunterdon Healthcare, 2015). The health care delivery system has worked effectively with relevant stakeholders to produce the best quality of healthcare at the lowest per capita costs of hospitalization.


Linkages between the organization and other stakeholders

Hunterdon Family Residency links and creates alliances with relevant stakeholders in thecounty and indeed in wider New Jersey so as to provide the best health care possible to patients. The four sectors comprise of financing, insurance, payment, and health services delivery systems.

  1. Financing

Healthcare requires expensive diagnostic tests and procedures that tend to lead to long hospital stays. Financing activities are needed to assist the community access affordable health care. Assistance might come in the form of insurance where most insured Americans are privately insured by their employers (Jones, 2010). Institutions that provide funding are New Jersey Department of Health and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

  1. Insurance

The insurance is meant to protect the insured against catastrophic risks that might arise especially when patients might need expensive health care services. The insurance company can determine the package that best suits the insured and determine the package of health services that an insured individual should receive. Examples of health insurance companies that the hospital has partnered with are Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and Cigna Health Insurance Company. The Health Care System – Linkages and Alliances

  • Payment

The payment function in the health care system provides linkages and alliances that ensureHunterdon Family Medicine Residency can receive reimbursements on determination of the cost of certain services. Funds that are to reimbursed come from premium payments where the insurance companies pay hospital bills on behalf of the patient. The managed care plan is utilized in the facility so as to provide proper linkages with insurers who are partners in service delivery.

  1. Health Service Delivery System

The delivery system utilizes financing payments through insurance companies to provide health care services to patients. The providers of these services comprise of physicians, therapists, suppliers of medical equipment, diagnostic and therapists in private clinics. The hospital has partnered with Cigna to ensure that a collaborative accountable health care system is achieved within the community. Through the Cigna program, patients can access the hospitals and request to be assigned to specialists in the program to address their concerns (The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, 2015). The hospital has partnered with Saint Clare, Phillips Barber, and St Luke’s Warren Hospitals for referrals and specialist treatments. The Cigna program has created a network where health professionals within the community come together to ensure that the patient gets the best services possible.


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