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Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay

Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay

Strategic management is the continuous planning, analysis, monitoring, and evaluation of all necessities a company needs to accomplish its goals and objectives. Reforms in business environments will require companies to review their strategies for success relentlessly. Strategic management as a process helps companies or organizations recognize their current state, scheme strategies, implement them, and analyze their effectiveness. On the other hand, technology involves the application of scientific knowledge to aid in our daily activities (Carroll, 2017). It plays a crucial role in enabling organizations to share real-time data across the world, enhancing the quality and speed of a company’s processes, and providing innovative ways to design products. In light of this, the paper illuminates technology as a key enabler for strategic success. Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay

Organizations or companies that harness technology correctly usually experience success. In most scenarios, the application of technology in companies is the progression of the available processes. However, the company might seek adjustments to benefit sufficiently from business technology. A progressive and strategic technology orientation is a cultural aspect of firms that draws and maintains the best talent.  Technology serves as an enabler for strategic success in several ways. First, it enhances communication within the firm. Communication is significant in all organizations. It enables managers to perform their functions that include planning, leading, organizing, and controlling (Bucăţa & Rizescu, 2017). Additionally, communication is a source of knowledge or information and acts as a motivator to employees by clarifying to them the task that should be handled. For these reasons, organizations implement strategies to improve communication. Therefore, they opt to use IT, which, in turn, enhances the companies’ abilities to communicate. Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay

Organizational strategies typically focus on improving productivity and staff efficiency. Technology facilitates an organization to develop a dashboard report. The dashboard report provides key performance indicators that can be published on the firm’s intranet or directly to the computers of individuals having access to the vital management information. Key performance indicators are measurements utilized to estimate an organization’s general long-term performance (Jahangirian et al., 2017). In particular, they assist the company in determining its financial, strategic, and operational achievements compared to other companies in the same sector. As a result of technology, dashboard reports can be created that provide key performance indicators used to formulate strategies that can improve performance. This consequently leads to strategic achievement.Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay


Technology makes it possible to launch an internal website for the firm. The company’s chief executive officer, practice leaders, and other administrators can use the internal website to communicate their vision, reset expectations, brainstorm ideas, and report employees’ progress. Posting frequently to the internal website can boost insight into the company’s direction as well as progress. Besides technology facilitating the launch of an internal website through it, companies can establish private firms-only Facebook or LinkedIn groups. Team members can privately post pictures, share ideas, and promote teamwork and collaboration in such groups. Teamwork involves individuals working together towards the same end goal. It implies that these individuals work effectively to complete the task. A team’s strength originates from effective communication, supporting one another, and performing individual share. Through the private Facebook and LinkedIn groups, arising from the use of technology, teamwork can be enhanced, ultimately attributing to the success of a company.Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay

Lastly, technology promotes strategic triumph since it improves client services. Client retention is usually a strategic plan or idea for any company. By retaining these clients, firms can assist customers in deriving more value from their products or services and inciting them to share feedback regarding the use of their services or products. Technology, therefore, provides ways through which the company can allow its consumers to have more control over their details.

In conclusion, technology is a crucial aspect in a company since it enables it to prosper strategically. Additionally, technology enhances communication, facilitates the launch of an internal, enables the development of a dashboard report, and improves client services.Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay


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Technology as an Enabler for Strategic Success Essay


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