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Strategies For Web-Based Patient Education Paper

Strategies For Web-Based Patient Education Paper

Transformation in the healthcare system is aimed at helping patients achieve a large-scale health change. For this reason, there is a need for coming up with effective strategies for Web-based patient education that might transform advance practice healthcare. First, setting up with an information technology platform for the patients can be a beneficial method. The plan will work closely with the patients and follow their services, medical care, and the sites that they air their views. It will also monitor the patients who are out of hospital (Porter & Lee, 2013).Strategies For Web-Based Patient Education Paper

Besides that, the IT platform will include all the patients’ different data. Research carried out by Porter & Lee; (2013) illustrates that, laboratory tests, chemotherapy orders and images for patients will be included in the plan. As a result, all those involved in patients’ care can access the data. On the other hand, online education is essential to the patients. Clinicians should introduce online classes to patients to enlighten them on the importance of patient care. Patients should be most involved in their care. For this reason, families and patients should be at the frontline in the care process (Barnsteiner, 2011). Barnsteiner argued that, it is crucial for medical practitioners to allow patients participate in the decision- making process about their treatments and discharge plans.Strategies For Web-Based Patient Education Paper

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Consequently, patient participation in health issues enables them to be at the center of control. As a result, the patients will be equipped with a lot of knowledge about their care and they will be able to correct any problems. In conjunction to that, creating patient research centers will be a great deal to the healthcare system. The research institutions will help people make informed health care choices. As a result, there will be improved healthcare outcomes and delivery due to high integrity information acquired from the patients through these sessions (Stevens, 2013).Strategies For Web-Based Patient Education Paper

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