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State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay

State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay

State of Security at Georgia State

Security is paramount for the growth and development of any nation in the world. Criminal gangs have taken advantage of advanced technology to pose a threat to the national security of many nations in the world. As a result, countries around the globe have come up with strident measures to deal with the rising cases of insecurity due to the advancement in technology, and Georgia is no exception.State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay

Cyber security is among the most significant security challenges the world is facing today. As a result, the state of Georgia has come up with a range of mechanisms to fight this social evil in an attempt to protect its citizens and potential investors. These mechanisms can be attributed to the determination and dedication of different security stakeholders who made cyber security their top priority (Homeland Security, 2017). For instance, Georgia has come up with excellent plans and strategies to deal with cybercrimes. The relevant authorities have established policies and standards and have managed the delivery of information technology infrastructure services. Through this, the pre-existing cyber workforce gap has been bridged through bringing together different security stakeholders ranging from the government to the private sector. Additionally, the relevant authorities have been able to gather vital information to curb cyber-related crimes, thus enabling the government to save a considerable amount of money which could have been lost if things got out of hand.State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay

Due to the state’s dedication to fighting cybercrime, they have set aside a considerable amount of money in their annual budget to help in their operations. This money have been used when it comes to research and execution of adopted measures (On the State Security Service, 2014). For instance, researchers are funded with the available funds and also vital types of machinery to fight these crimes are purchased to prevent the occurrence of future crimes. Those found guilty of committing cyber-related crimes face the full force of the law. Through this, existing criminals are brought out of circulation and potential criminals deterred from committing more crimes.State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay

The state works towards risk management and crime mitigation to prevent the occurrence of cybercrimes. For instance, the state researches the possible causes of the increase in cybercrimes. The results are then used to come up with solutions to the existing problems. For example, if the results indicate that cyber insecurity is a result of the usage of old types of machinery and poor planning, the government conducts an overhaul of all systems (Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2012). The government collaborates with information technology experts to develop new sophisticated types of machinery. These types of machinery can improve reliability and improve transparency. Through this, impending risks are managed and mitigated, thus preventing imminent dangers.

The state has developed a responsive approach in an attempt to manage cyber incidents, whether minor or significant. Through this, government and private property are protected. As a result, foreign investors are not afraid of investing in the state as their security, and that of their property is guaranteed. This ensures that there is development in the country and the money gathered is used to improve the safety of the state even more through funding research in an attempt to know what can be done to solve emerging crimes.State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay


           In conclusion, I would recommend that the state comes up with more sophisticated information sharing systems. Sharing of information with different security stakeholders will bring the rate of cybercrimes down considerably. Through sharing information with various agencies, they will be able to anticipate what could happen to them and thus come up with possible solutions. Additionally, sharing of information will enable the different stakeholders to exchange ideas which could lead to the discovery of a permanent solution to this problem. Educating people on cyber security will also make them aware of its disadvantages and therefore make them willing to report any cases of cybercrimes.


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State of Security at Georgia State Sample Essay


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