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Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay

Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay

The United States of America is no doubt one of the most powerful countries across the globe with a very strong economy which is envied by every other nation in the world. In spite of this there exists some serious social problems that are vital to deal with in an attempt to set up a good example of an ideal society in the world. Such social problems include but not limited to; rural urban migration, dumping of waste and deforestation.

Following the industrialization of agriculture the rate of migration from rural areas to urban areas has been on the increase in America (Christiaensen, Jedwab and Gindelsky 20). This is as a result of need of fewer workforce for the production of agricultural output and other related agricultural services. As a result of this, people migrate to urban areas in search of employment opportunities to cater for their basic needs. This migration has negative impact on urban areas in the sense that it increases the cost of housing and transport in the urban areas. This simply means that many cannot afford proper housing which leads to the rise and culmination of slums thus poor living conditions exposing people to health hazards. Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay


            Industrialization, in the US brought about expansion of corporations, manufacturing and technologies and also rapid urbanization. This resulted to growing cities and the high US population resulted to waste problem. Proliferation of waste has resulted to environmental hazards growing exponentially. The kind of wastes being released such as toxic chemicals have been environmentally damaging. For example release of these chemicals affects the ozone layer which protects us from direct sun rays which are cancerous. Incineration of wastes such as plastics as a result of dumping has undesirable effect on the environment (Nagy and Kuti 234). Burning of these plastics causes air pollution as toxic substances are released to the atmosphere in the process which can contribute to acid rain which is deadly. Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay

Overexploitation of natural resources through deforestation is a social problem in the US. Monetary reasons have lured individuals in highly forested areas to cut down trees. The clear lands are used for farming activities at the end. Deforestation have negative impact on the environment as it results to climate change. Trees have the ability to absorb greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide during photosynthesis (Corsi, Friedrich and Kassam 79). Failure of removal of such gases from the atmosphere increases global warming which is an environmental hazard.

The act of deforestation clearly relates with the conflict theory which looks at the society as a competition for limited resources. Both the rich and poor compete for the resources. The rich may cut down trees to acquire more money to maintain and increase their power and status in the society. The poor on the other hand cut down trees in an attempt to cater for their basic needs. The rich always win as they can manipulate the relevant authority and have their own way at the expense of the poor. This brings conflict between the rich and the poor in the society.Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay

Efforts to curb deforestation will only take effect by cracking down corruption and ensuring enforcement of forest conservation rules. Activities such as illegal logging should be dealt with by the leaders embracing domestic and international forest conservation policies. This method would greatly be effective as corruption starts from the peak which means if there is will power by the leaders to curb deforestation then it will be effective.

In conclusion, environmental conservation is a responsibility of the entire human race. Everybody should therefore be active and discourage any kind of environmental pollution.

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Social Problems in the United States of America Sample Essay


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