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Skin Aging Process Essay

Skin Aging Process Essay

Animal and human skin age in biologically complex processes, which are highly influenced by various factors. The factors that affect the rate at which the skin ages are either intrinsic or exogenous (Poljšak & Dahmane, 2012). Apparently, the human skin is considered an indicator of attractiveness, and the wellbeing of an individual. As such, people adopt various methods and techniques to reduce the rate of skin aging. This essay discusses some of the methods that are applicable in the endeavors to delay the skin aging process. Skin Aging Process Essay

First, nutrition plays a significant role in overall human development and aging. The skin aging process, therefore, can be delayed by appropriate dieting. Research has shown that some foods and fruits contain anti-oxidant characteristics, which help in keeping the skin young and delaying aging (Schagen, Zampeli, Makrantonaki, & Zouboulis, 2012). Anti-aging foods include carotenoids, vitamins, specific proteins, flavonoids, among others. In addition, it is imperative to have a balanced diet. Skin Aging Process Essay


Further, the skin can maintain its vigor and youth if a person has a strong digestive system. Research has linked accelerated skin aging to gastrointestinal problems. It is, therefore, prudent to strengthen the digestive system by observing good eating habits. For instance, people should avoid eating huge sizes of food in single servings. Instead, small but regular servings should be considered. In addition, people should take food when they feel hungry and not immediately before sleeping. Further, proper defecation should be observed while treating constipation promptly (Leung, Riutta, Kotecha, & Kotecha, 2011).

Third, the skin aging process can be delayed by proper skincare. For instance, human skin should be massaged regularly with the appropriate oil. It is worth noting that people have specific oiling needs and, therefore, it is imperative to select the most appropriate ointments and oils. In addition, rubbing should be done in moderation and periodically (Shirbeigi, Iranzadasl, Mansouri, Hejazi, & Aliasl, 2015). Perfect examples of oils that delay skin aging include olive oil and sweet almond.

Fourth, enough sleep is essential in the skin developmental and aging processes. Sleep augments body energy and facilitates proper food digestion. In addition, sleep facilitates natural moisturizing processes that help in keeping the skin younger. Proper sleeping habits include sleeping after light meals, avoiding sleep after sunrise, adopting regular sleep patterns, and sleeping sufficiently. For instance, people who are beyond the age of 40 (where the skin ages rapidly) should sleep for at least six hours and the utmost 12 hours.

Fifth, hormonal replacement therapy is another technique of delaying the skin aging process. It is generally acknowledged that the levels of hormones decrease drastically with age. Consequently, the skin ages at higher rates with reduced hormonal levels. Nonetheless, studies have shown that hormonal replacement therapy can have favorable influences on skin aging processes. For instance, a study on the effects of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) revealed that the hormone had delayed skin aging, especially in women (Ganceviciene, Liakou, Theodoridis, Makrantonaki, & Zouboulis, 2012 ). Other hormones that can be used to delay the skin aging process include melatonin, testosterone, estrogen, and progestogen, among others. Skin Aging Process Essay

Sixth, the use of herbal medicine such as the polysaccharide obtained from Laminaria japonica and other herbs can strengthen the human body and consequently delay the skin aging processes. Herbal medicines and ointments possess antioxidating characteristics that can delay collagen breakdown resulting in delayed skin aging in both humans and animals (Hu, et al., 2016).

Decisively, the skin is a crucial aesthetic and well-being indicator. However, the skin is susceptible to aging due to a number of complex biological factors. A number of techniques can be used to delay the skin aging processes, including observing appropriate nutrition, strengthening the digestive system, regular and appropriate skin oil massage, enough sleep, hormonal replacement therapy, and the use of herbal medicines.

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