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Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is one of the fastest working diseases. Eighty-three thousand people die each year from this disease. Two-thirds of the Alzheimer’s population are women. Scientist believe that for most people, Alzheimer’s is caused by a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors. The seven stages of Alzheimer’s are no impairment, very mild decline, mild decline, moderate decline, moderately severe decline, severe decline, and last is very severe decline. Education can lower your risk such as, taking classes, learning languages, and playing instruments. Research has come a long way to be able to prolong memory, make medical advances, and make diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Word searches, playing board games, and social connections will help prolong your memory if you have Alzheimer’s. You can go back to school and it will help to manage and slow down your Alzheimer’s. You can also find a good church to go to regularly. Playing games and being social keeps your mind constantly going, there is no break for your mind to rest besides when you are asleep, and sleep is the only time your mind really rests. People with Alzheimer’s “There are six different things to help people with Alzheimer’s; have a regular exercise and continue to do it on a regular basis, have a social life with the people around you and engage with others, eat right so your brain gets the right nutrients for memory, Mental Stimulations- when you change things up and check your memory with games, get the correct amount of sleep so your are well rested and ready to go the next day, and last keep your stress under control.” (Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease)Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease


“There are many different tests and ways to tell and diagnose that someone has Alzheimer’s. Mental status testing- measures how great of a decline in mental functioning (orientation, memory, and language skills) exist. Neuropsychological testing assesses mood, thinking, and personality. Magnetic resonance is basically a scan of the brain. Blood test-blood counts, vitamin levels, liver and kidney function, mineral balance, and thyroid gland function tests. Positron emission tomography which is also called (PET)- metabolic or amyloid scanning in some patients. There is also some different imaging test to help show the occurrence of the Alzheimer’s in the brain. Magnetic resonance imaging which is better known as an (MRI), this test can show brain shrinkage. FDG PET scans can show lower brain metabolism, the FDG is the tracer molecule used to show how well that your tissues and organs are working. Amyloid PET scan shows higher levels of amyloid protein in the brain.” (Alzheimer’s Disease Outlook/ Prognosis)Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease

“Using the MRI technology, now scientist can catch symptoms in an earlier stage rather than later. Many of the medications and treatments tends to alter the disease and how fast that it declines. One antibody treatment is called immunotherapy aimed to attack and prevent the disease from progressing.” (Rethinking Alzheimer’s) “Some ways that Alzheimer’s changes the brain are brain shrinkage, which is called Atrophy, the loss of nerve cells, having NAPs which are plaques which collect between nerve cells, and neurons, or having NT which are twisted fibers in the nerve cells, which causes cell breakdown. What causes Alzheimer’s is the abnormally build-up of proteins in the brain, the proteins are called amyloid and tau proteins. Memory loss, misplacing items, trouble with basic everyday tasks differences in personality and behavior, poor judgment, and problems with speaking.” (Alzheimer’s Disease Outlook/Prognosis)

Over the different stages, people that have Alzheimer’s, their symptoms often get worse very quickly. It goes from misplacing an item all the way to not being able to remember a date or a name of someone that you are even close to. Most of the time this disease is very hard on the person, but not only the person with the disease suffers, friends and family do too. This disease causes many changes to the environment of the home and relationships of the family. For the family, it is hard to believe that one day your loved one will not even remember your name. One of the hardest things to remember for the person that has Alzheimer’s is if you take medicine, if you have taken it yet. If you have already taken your daily medicine and take it again it can mess you up and can even send you to the hospital.

For people with Alzheimer’s, it is very easy to misplace items and to get confused and forget what you were doing in the beginning. People with Alzheimer’s, their mind is constantly running and thinking about what they need to next, but when they start doing it they forget what they were doing so they think about what they forgot. Some people with Alzheimer’s “are not hungry” but it just turns out that they don’t remember to eat. It is good to keep cooking at home, to keep your since of measurement going strong. There are several ways to keep an Alzheimer’s mind as healthy as possible; cook or bake, clean the house, do different crafts, look at books, read, play music, gardening, watch family videos, and working on puzzles. (Stimulating Activities)Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Music has been in the world sine the beginning of time, in the last few decades studies have shown that music as a therapeutic tool can increase cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients. cc When it comes to Alzheimer’s patients, studies have shown that music reduces agitation or improves behavioral issues such as violent outbursts. (Music Therapy) When people listen to music, the mood of the song brings them back to where she can remember. When people with Alzheimer’s listen to a certain song, its like it brings a new memory to mind, they start dancing, and sometimes even start singing. Doctors use this therapy on people with a disease or memory problems.

When someone goes through an awful disease like Alzheimer’s, their care-taker needs to provide and “take-care” of their patient. There is no point in yelling at your patient, and when someone has Alzheimer’s you don’t argue with them. Arguing really does nothing, but make the person feel dumb and useless. There are several different foods that you can eat to help boost your memory; nuts and seeds, salmon, beans, blueberries, and more.  Research Of Alzheimer’s Disease



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