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Regional landscapes of the US and Canada

Regional landscapes of the US and Canada

Hawaii is one of the places round the word where the climate can be described as perfect since the temperatures are never too hot or too cold. This makes Hawaii the most perfect place for vacation all year round. Hawaii enjoys different climatic conditions and boasts of having eleven climatic zones out of the thirteen zones of the world. With the different weather characteristics, Hawaii knows no monotonous weather patterns as different factors such as wind, topography, variation merge resulting into a distinctive unique locations all over the entire island. Hawaii experiences two seasons in year. Summer falls between May to September with temperatures falling to 23.8C while winter falls from October to April with temperatures rising to 29.4C.However, even the winter months experience rain, cloud cover and sun. Hawaii boasts of having its own time zone known as the “Hawaiian Standard Time.” which means time varies on the hours its time fall behind the US time (Hawaii, 2010).Regional landscapes of the US and Canada


The physical features of Hawaii contribute a lot to the serene climatic conditions that gives it the uniqueness it boasts of. The Akaka falls make part of the State park located north of Hilo off the Hawai’i Belt Road (Highway 19). The fall falls at 420 ft at the mid of the loop guiding it. The Hilawe falls is the highest in Hawaii with free flawing waters and one of the highest fall sin the world. Streams from Kohala Mountains fall into the a thousand feet low Waipio valley to create the fall. Rainbow falls that fall at 80 feet low is surrounded by beautiful floral scene. The Mauna Loa Mountain makes up 50.5% of Hawaii the mountain is an active volcano and reputed for its star gazing center into the galaxy. The Kilauea active volcano is located in a warm coastal area making it attractive for tourism. Pololu Valley on the northern parts of Hamakua coast has an attraction scene popular with the locals (Nalimu, 2010).

Conclusively, the vast physical features of the Hawaii Island make it experience diverse climatic conditions at the same time of the year making the island one of the most beautiful places for tourism and recreation.Regional landscapes of the US and Canada



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