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Quantitative Research for Nursing

Quantitative Research for Nursing

Nurses are usually exposed to physical and nonphysical types of violence, bullying, as well as sexual harassment while undertaking their responsibilities. According to Spector, Zhou, and Che, nurses are usually vulnerable to violence in their workplaces, and the violence depends on the employment setting. The authors clarified that emergency departments, elderly facilities, as well as psychiatric sections are the most vulnerable to violence exposure. The article Nurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative review will offer a quantitative analysis of exposure rates, in reference to the type of violence, source, situation, and world region. Quantitative Research for Nursing


The authors of this article, Paul E. Spector, Zhiqing E. Zhou, and Xin Xuan Che, work in the Department of Psychology in the University of South Florida. Psychology and nursing are closely linked, since it is almost impracticable to separate mental wellbeing from physical health. The publisher of the article, the International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS), offers an opportunity for original research on health care, management, and research methods to health related professions.

Many qualitative reviews on violence exposure are available in the nursing text, but quantitative writings are inadequate. The samples of the study were taken from 135 articles that did not meet the criteria required, and 136 articles that enclosed relevant data from 160 samples. The total samples managed to collect data from 151,347 nurses in 62 countries. Based on various cultural dimensions, the countries were classified into 10 regions. According to Spector, et al., the rate of violence exposure was summed as the percentage of the types of violence, which included physical, nonphysical, bullying, sexual harassment, and unspecified violence (75). The questions varied according to the type of violence, but a single question that appeared in all types was whether an individual had encountered any form of violence.

After collecting the data, an analysis was carried out, and the results were that about a third of all nurses worldwide have encountered physical violence at work while two-thirds of the interviewed nurses experienced nonphysical violence. A quarter of nurses in the countries under study ran into sexual harassment. Half of the nurses claimed to experience general violence in their departments. For a longer timeframe, the figures seemed to be quite high. The rate of exposure to violence among the nurses varied according to the regions. For instance, the Anglo region experienced the highest rate of physical as well as sexual violence. Asia recorded the lowest level of both physical and nonphysical violence. Patients carry out approximately two-thirds of physical violence while the rest of physical violence results from family members or friends. Quantitative Research for Nursing

The quantitative review of the type of violence that nurses go through in their profession depicted an inclusive picture of how the problem is widespread in the world. In some regions, nurses experienced all type of violence. This study has several limitations that could raise doubts about violence. Although the study was meant to understand several types of violence, only 10 studies focused on bullying. Some types of violence recorded only five studies, which indicated that the results were not conclusive. Standardization of measures was also a problem in these studies, as the timeframe, and questions differed with the types of violence. Although the timeframe may have differed depending on the type of violence, the study calls for urgent solution to these types of viol

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Spector, Paul E., Zhiqing E. Zhou, and Xin Xuan Che. “Nurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative review.” International journal of nursing studies 51.1 (2014): 72-84. Web. 14 Aug. 2014. Quantitative Research for Nursing


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