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Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

Authentic leadership is an approach to leadership which gives self-awareness to leaders of their Strength, limitations, and emotions. This leadership is a way of recognising own strength and weaknesses and using constructive ways of building own leadership skills. The leaders can show their real and genuine qualities which builds up trust, royalty, and relationship with employees. Upon enrolling in this paper, the main aim was to update the leadership qualities and skills and get confidence for the current new job. On progressing through the Semester, began to recognise the skills I already had and to strengthen those skills; I had to be ready to lead and to master the key strategies.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

On choosing the following readings (Katene, S. 2013; Kerr, J. 2013; Goldman Schuyler, K. et al. 2016; Ross, 2014) because four of them helped to meet a current workplace challenge and understanding of cultural and diversity leadership and to have a vision for future leadership skill. While reading this enabled to understand the skills of leadership and confirmed “my” existing practice and added a few fresh new ideas. Two of them (Hillman, 2013; Zander & Zander, 2000) made me see that as my challenge, for not realising that I was already a good leader and just needed to trust myself and keep learning. Have certainly taken to the heart which is significant and pivotal to experience the skills towards becoming an authentic leader. In this assignment, the personal and professional values and beliefs regarding authentic leadership will articulate, and further elaborated to situations where this is likely to work or fail.

In reflecting upon the characteristics of Authentic leadership, how they are evident in practice, and how they can develop further, have drawn upon the thoughts and insights provided by Katene (2013) and inspired by the work of Kerr (2013). Found both this reading has similar ideas of Maori Culture and leadership. Kerr (2013), examines the concept of player ownership, how the All Blacks implemented this and empowered the players to take responsibility for their environment, their team protocols and building the culture. The value in coaches and players is knowing themselves, staying true to self and honesty within their atmosphere. Kerr (2013) listed the following characteristics; Character: How to remain humble despite the success and using losses as the most significant chance to learn. The All Blacks have determined from their results, positive or negative, but they have also created a culture where everyone was responsible, not just to their coaches, but more importantly to his or her co-players.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

Similarly, Katene (2013) describes the “process of influencing the activities of an organised group in its efforts toward goal setting and goal achievement.” Which outlines leadership as an interpersonal process, where one person affects or maximises, the efforts of others towards a goal. Therefore, The Spirit of Mäori Leadership organised around the identification of three key questions, which inquiries into the attributes of good leadership, the kind of knowledge they have, and the central importance of people and relationships. Both this reading has common values around leadership, which is as a team there is a goal to work towards, and each member valued for the contribution made with relationship building among each other.

Hence, when allocated for the Capstone project for this Paper, once the group progressed there was better clarity around each member skills and experience. Having such a multi-cultural group with different beliefs and values but slowly, we began to initiate the importance as a team and how having a firm goal for completion of each task allocated made a significate difference with excellent results so far. Another important principle, of Māori leadership where Katene(2013) describes Māori leadership as being the crucial link between the traditional Māori context and contemporary European-style expectations of leadership.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

This reading further gives insights into, analysis of traditional and contemporary models of leadership in Maori. Focuses on traditional Maori leadership-leadership in pre-European referring to Maori world (Te Ao Maori). Te Ao Maori based on myths, legends, and values systems passed down from a generation in a genealogical sequence from first parents. Whakapapa (genealogy) was a significant factor in determining the likelihood of a person becoming a leader in early Maori society. Therefore, using examples from past and present and interwoven with stories and legends. Moreover, documents the development of Māori leadership from the arrival of the waka to the present time, and explains Māori concepts, words, and processes. Hence, People working together in teams under effective leadership will ultimately provide a competitive advantage.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

Very Similar to the Kerr’s (2013) where All blacks team brings about an extraordinary high-performance culture which is performing of Haka before the game begins. The opposing team takes this as a challenge to face it whereas some teams ignore this, and others advance this further. According to the writer All black Jersey has a sacred object on it known as Silver fern which is the symbol of excellence and hard work of the team. The games always start with a welcoming traditional Maori dance. Then the team does the Haka. On finishing the games, (debriefing) where everyone has an opportunity to speak the truth, and personal discipline is the team looks after themselves from clean up to packing.

Kerrs (2013) believes ‘Your talent is enough to take you where you want to go, but it is your character that keeps you there.’ Understanding The importance of character development and developing talents is vital, many people improve their talent, but they do not understand the importance of developing their character. The most impressing fact while watching the All Blacks in the World Cup that they have continuously shown the character and talent both. This reading is an inspiration to uphold character and talent together.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

I do agree with the writer as the above leadership is articulated well at current practice at work, in such a diverse cultural ethnicity from colleagues to patients. The aim is to give the quality of care for patients coming to operating theatres; it is vital to respect their culture, understand their values and beliefs and working along together to make the best outcome for patient care. Setting a goal and aiming for great results is an excellent example of Authentic Leadership. Furthermore, being ready for the change and committed to embracing a new culture. Hence, taking one step at a time and enjoying the unique experience of learning new cultures and encouraging the ability to learn other cultures including Language, dance, and food. Currently, at work, cultural safety has been given much priority, and now this gives an understanding of how important this is in patient safety and care.

On the other hand, two readings by Hillman, (2013); Zander & Zander, (2000) are quite repellent to each other. Whereas Ross, (2014) and Hillman, (2013) have similar views on leadership. Many people fear they are not adequately qualified to do the job when they get appointed or recruited for – and this fear undermines their capabilities. Hillman’s Impostor Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that can strike at any time, but one which is particularly prevalent amid perfectionists are those on the professional fast-track. However, Leaders of this nature will consistently externalise their achievement, feel out of their depth and fraudulent when stretched professionally; and even wondering when someone will figure out that he or she is not up to the right task. Moreover, that is when many will knockout their ‘default’ button and reach for the impostor’s syndrome mask. It is better to play it innocently to minimise failure and look decent rather than take risks, be unafraid of failure and weakness.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

On starting the new role, in the entirely new hospital, this year in January brought nervousness, not being sure of what exactly would be happening in this environment and what would happen things go wrong. As, it was a new job description created, so there was not much awareness. “I kept wondering, how I will do this, will I be competent enough.” However, looking at self now can see the challenges for this role and feel have performed well. Colleagues and managers are pleased with the performance so far. All the feedback gained until now can see how this was dealt very well with imposter syndrome as described by Hillman, (2013). The three months performance plus given the privilege to do this fully sponsored course within eight months of joining the new job are evidence of how many qualities the current manager is valuing on the leadership.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

This reading it is full of aha moments, that makes it all right to be imperfect and the real person. It is ok, to be human, it is ok not always to be right, and most significantly it is about making the environment for all of that suffer from the imposter syndrome to thrive. Hence Hillman Claims more than 75% of us experience imposter syndrome but concludes: that it is mostly self-imposed and that authenticity resides in the space between perfection and complete imperfection. Learning how to overcome this problem to become a better, stronger leader and not expressing the fears and recognising the weaknesses but also being able to bind the strengths of the team members to the best effect.


In comparison Ross, (2014) gives a similar example about starting a new job and how quickly a person can get into a new role and get settled is one of the challenges many faces. He also highlights the importance of having a purpose and goals to achieve a good leadership skill. Furthermore, whether starting a new job or being promoted from within and embarking on an assignment the success or failure is determined by how the transition managed. There is also a good overview of what it takes to be a leader based on a personal reward framework. The advice is very achievement-focused and centred on the individual leader’s accomplishments. He further gives a break-even point. This reading gave a clear insight into the current Job recently joined where learning was accelerated with building teams, keeping a balance and securing early wins. At the same time the understanding of assignments which are due one by one in this Semester, but the challenge of submitting this on time as well being focused. Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

by including keeping the content as per requirement are few examples.

On the other hand, Zander & Zander, (2000) Believes “never doubt the Capacity of the people to accomplish whatever you dream for” If we allow the people around us to develop and grow into the possibility of an A, and remove the self-imposed barriers, while avoiding the need for comparison between learners we will all be much better off for it. The Giving of an A is merely an invention that creates the possibility for both mentor and student, manager, and employee and any human interaction.

Furthermore, the writer suggests that Giving an A is an automatic assumption for the best and giving everyone an A in life, bring out the best outcome which also removes a lot of the barriers. Giving an “A” enlivens a way of approaching people that promises to transform you as well as them. It is a shift in attitude and understanding the concept.  At this point, In the class currently enrolled we had the opportunity to do a presentation on the readings allocated by our lecture. In groups of three, the articles presented, and part of the requirement was to write a letter and read this in class to everyone “why I deserve to get an A” in this presentation. When reading the letter out in class, felt like telling the life experience on achievements, struggles, and challenges faced.

Moreover, was telling in this letter how all this reflects and why “I deserve to get an A.” Reflecting on these feels proud, and there is a desire to keep the challenge there to gain more “A” as progressing my leadership role and skills. When giving an “A,” you treat people differently, and they respond differently. Takes away the pressure and the feeling of Proud and Powerful on getting an ‘A”. It does Feel more engaging when thinking about the assignments, it is a relive and a possibility to live into, and hence things are getting together quickly, and there is no stress on failing neither not being able to accomplish on time.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

After having read this chapter of the book, the writer is not necessarily a right or a wrong way to do things, and that there is no need for direct comparison between learners, and if we make it explicit that they will all receive an A and allow the students, learners, colleagues, and managers feel more engaged and enlightened. Hence the principles are like those in many other books about improving performance and creativity. What is different about this chapter is the unique ways that the principles articulated, the inspiring examples in beautiful stories from music and business and the passion with which the Zanders write.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

Goldman et al. (2016) begin the volume with five fantastic interviews with a series of essential thinkers, practitioner, leaders in the management and leader development. Their visions about how they can move toward a healthier, more inclusive world, with the kind of leaders who can guide to eye-opening. Hence, attending to what is essential in life, individually, organizationally, nationally, and globally. It reflects on the question of what the place is, the place of the organisation, a university, the country, and the role for everyone in the world. Lastly, this book is a provocative read, coming from contributors around the world, giving a reminder that everyone is interconnected, and encouraging everyone to utterly give thoughts about our responsibility in creating a better future for self and generations to follow and providing the opportunity to think bigger and looking beyond.

Also, when relating to the current practice of leadership, this reading draws how those qualities are self-benefit but also for better functioning of the area and more widely the organisation itself. Furthermore, nationally and then worldwide. Simple learning of leadership skills does make a difference. Currently, the practice at work is more evidenced-based and focused on nursing competency, and there is less priority on leadership. Hence, in daily life importance of understanding the purpose is vital. For example, at home purpose to have a happy family, time to spend with them, at work purpose is to be there for the team and work towards the goal. In the community, the aim is to keep the community safe which starts from home, for example, recycling rubbish or to dispose of them in the correct rubbish bin will keep the environment safe. Therefore, doing something small at home can make a huge difference to keep the world save.Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay

In conclusion, to be an effective, authentic leader, establishing effective relationships are fundamental to achieving goals set by the organisers in developing productive relationships. It is also essential to recognise self-leadership strengths and weaknesses and to work on those to upskill as discussed above. In this assignment, an attempt was made to demonstrate leadership in the current area of practice both at work and at home as well as displaying the challenges faced and supported with outcomes with examples. Writers gave few similar legit ideas as the well different perspective of leadership. Hence, Leadership is an essential factor when looking at change within one’s workplace and provides the skill with for the opportunity to settle well in new Jobs easily. Effective leadership compounded by various elements that are requirements to facilitate change.

Lastly personal, professional values and beliefs and cultural views of the authentic leadership articulated and further elaborated to situations where this worked well including the traditional leadership and how the concepts are moulded well in this modern world of leadership. Previous, present experiences of leadership discussed throughout this assignment. Great learnings on vision with a goal has been established to take best and practice this both personally and professionally in future leadership roles. Qualities for Authentic Leadership Essay


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