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Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

She had lived a rather lonely life during her childhood and teenage. When she was nearing adulthood, the boys did not seem to notice her. All her girlfriends were barely mature when they started dating but for Amy, she never seemed to be the lucky type. All the boys she eyed in high school were too busy chasing other girls and they did not have time to even say hello to her. It was a frustrating life for her as she was always interested in being the outgoing girl.Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

Then as she approached twenties, her body started to shape up gracefully. She knew it would` be a good decade for her as she hoped to get married by the age of thirty. Then the boys in her neighborhood started to give her the attention she considered to be long overdue. One of them, Davies, was strikingly handsome and she could not resist him. She thus gave in to his demands and became his girlfriend.

The relationship was like a treasure to her. She never wanted to lose Davies who they communicated virtually ten times a day. He made several calls and sent her at least a text message a day, which kept the love fire burning. They were also communicating through emails and through social networks, her favorite being facebook.

From the look of things, she knew they were destined to be as they were always happy together and they loved each other. Then the misfortunes started to happen. She did not know what the synchrony of the misfortunes meant but she knew that the good old days when she used to be the unfortunate girl had come to haunt her.Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

First it was her mother and her phone and then followed the facebook craze that almost made her lose her life. She had forgotten her phone in the sitting room as she chatted away one afternoon with her friend Hellen. As she cleaned the house, her mother came across the phone in the couch and started browsing her text messages. Then suddenly she heard a furious voice calling her to the sitting room.


At first it was difficult to figure out what had made her mother that angry but once she saw her phone with her mother she was convinced that the anger had something to do with Davies. “Who is this boy sending you such perverse messages … and who told you to be in a relationship at nineteen?”

By this, she knew she was busted. She could in no way explain her relationship with Davies to her mother who was hardly the understanding type. She just kept her silence as her mother gave her stern warning on how she had to stop the relationship and cease communicating with her boyfriend.

After the confrontation, she did not know what to do. She could stop communicating with Davies on the phone and be contacting him by email or on facebook but he was a neighbor and thus her mother would definitely know if the relationship did not end. She was so frustrated that she decided to teach her mother a lesson. Her mother was not so familiar with the internet technology. She would find another boyfriend online and leave Davies.Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

To achieve the aforementioned objective, she would be updating her profile with suggestive messages and see who among her friends was interested. Then she would come with a plan about how to get him. At first it was difficult as she could hardly craft a seductive message.

Then they started flowing with most of them being obscene. It did not take long before she started getting exactly what she wanted. A lot of boys would take interest in her updates and they would post numerous comments in her updates. Now the task was how to take things to another level and develop a personal relationship with them. She had known most of them for years and since they never shared such jokes, she did not get the courage to approach them.

As she seriously contemplated the way forward, a chance offered itself. A guy sent her a private message on facebook. From the pictures in his profile, the guy was reasonably attractive and he looked sufficiently sophisticated for her. Strange as it may sound, the guy was asking her out despite the fact that he was a stranger.

He seemed to know her neighborhood well and so they planned to meet in town the following weekend. She was very anxious to meet him and on the d-day, she dressed well and headed to town with her phone. She was surprised to find no one familiar at the planned venue. He then called her saying he was in a hotel in town and gave her directions. He insisted that they would only talk and so she gave in to seeing him at the hotel.Privacy and Technology Essay Sample

Whenever she remembers what happened at the hotel, she never believes that she was that gullible. The supposed young boy was a man in his forties. He raped her and disappeared. She later came to know that the rapist was using facebook as bait and uploading deceptive information to lure young girls. She closed her facebook account that same day and has never accessed facebook since then. The man has never been found.

This story is a lesson to the young people who have uncontrolled zeal about the use of technology. It is of essence that the youth use the technology tools wisely to avoid exploitation (Griffey 1).

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