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Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment

Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment

The Major Points of the Article

Inpatient falls are common in many hospitals. Such falls account for the largest number of accidents in different health facilities. The article “Examining Evidence-Based Interventions to Prevent Inpatient Falls” explains why hospitals should prevent inpatient falls. Such inpatient falls have both financial and physical implications.Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment

  Every affected patient will stay in the hospital for a longer period. Inpatient falls can cause “both psychological consequences and social effects” (Graham, 2012, p. 267). Such falls can also affect a person’s independence. According to Graham (2012, p. 267), “over 70 percent of inpatient falls can be prevented using different evidence-based strategies”. Technological devices and screening tools can evaluate chances of inpatient falls in every health setting.

Nurses and caregivers must also reassess the rate of fall risks. Environmental aid systems can alert nurses immediately. Fall alarms can make it possible for caregivers to survey and monitor every event. Such clinicians “can offer the required support before any harm occurs” (Graham, 2012, p. 268). Medical professionals should examine the importance of modern technologies towards dealing with inpatient falls.

Video Monitoring Technologies (VMTs) can be useful towards preventing inpatient falls (Graham, 2012). Hospitals must also embrace the power of Fall-Prevention Teams. Such teams should use modern technologies and applications in order to achieve their goals. Medical institutions should create new teams in order to deal with this problem. Members of every team must meet frequently in order to identify the best way forward.Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment


The article goes further to explain why new studies in this field are necessary. The article encourages future scholars to analyze the importance of different fall-prevention technologies and devices. According to Graham (2012), most of the above methods are inadequate towards dealing with this challenge.

Professionals should analyze the “cost-effectiveness of various fall-prevention strategies” (Graham, 2012, p. 268). Nurse Practitioners (NPs) must also use new methods in order to support the changing needs of their patients. The practice will support the health needs of many patients. The approach will also reduce the costs incurred by such patients.

  How the Information in the Article Will Support my Nursing Practice

This article offers useful insights towards better nursing practices. I now understand why every caregiver must support the welfare of his or her patient. The author explains why “nursing shortage should not be an excuse for poor medical services” (Graham, 2012, p. 270). I will use these ideas to support my goals and expectations as a caregiver. Inpatient falls are common in different nursing institutions. The article has also identified some of the risk factors associated with inpatient falls. My future goal is to support every patient.Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment

The first strategy towards achieving this goal is by preventing such inpatient falls. Nurses must use effective fall-prevention strategies. This practice will produce positive results in every facility. Clinicians must “assess every patient’s fall risk rate” (Graham, 2012, p. 270). This strategy will make it easier for nurses to identify the best fall-prevention approaches for their respective patients.

The “application of effective methods will reduce the level of fall-related problems and injuries” (Graham, 2012, p. 270). I will embrace this practice in order to support the health expectations of my patients. The strategy will also reduce the costs incurred by different patients. This knowledge will make me a competent provider of quality care to my patients.


Graham, B. (2012). Examining Evidence-Based Interventions to Prevent Inpatient Falls. MEDSURG Nursing, 21(5), 267-270. Prevent Inpatient Falls Assignment


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