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Premature Specialization in Medicine

Premature Specialization in Medicine

A medical doctor in today”s world is educated and trained in a traditional manner that seeks to insure the well being of his or her patients. Practicing medicine requires a strong science background and rigorous training; it is in the interest of clients and medical boards across the world to assure this. Thus, education in the science field is extremely important, even at the undergraduate level. Being a doctor is not just a job, nor is it solely a career. The medical profession is saturated with risk, for both the patient as well as the doctor. Doctors need early specialization in their education in order to acquire the skills necessary to handle delicate situations that occur on a daily basis. Premature Specialization in Medicine

Malpractice must come to an end. The education that a doctor receives is a tool that he or she will use his or her whole life, (unlike a person who majored in something contrary to what their field of work is). A doctor”s experience is a vital instrument. Medical skill is a demand for certain practicing procedures and should be taken seriously. Knowing the legal system requires a doctor to have a good amount of experience can ease the concerns of family and loved ones, and also gives confidence to a doctor that he or she can do his or her work correctly.


In order for doctors to get the best experience and education needed, training must take place early on in education. An abundance of science courses in college is a good start to prepare for medical school. Even though medical schools might cover the material that is offered in undergraduate biology and chemistry courses, repeat exposure to the material can only be beneficial to the student. The more experience that a student has in science and related subjects ultimately helps the future doctor in the long run.

To ensure the level of maturity of a doctor, it is necessary to educate them on a broad level. According to Thomas,

English, History, the literature of at least two foreign languages, and philosophy should come near the top of the list, just below Classics, as basic requirements, and applicants for medical school should be told that their grades in these courses will more than anything. (Thomas 115) Premature Specialization in Medicine

Educating premed students in these courses is important, but science is the most significant part in an undergraduate program. It requires thought and practice as well as research, which are all fundamental keys to being a doctor. If a MD were certified with the least amount of experience allowed in the science field as possible, malpractice could be expected. On the other hand knowing two foreign languages is not vital to ones life. In fact, if a patient speaks another language translators can be brought in to fit certain needs.

Doctors that focus on science and health are achieving what the profession requires. Understanding science to its full capacity ought to be the goal for premeds and medical students. To ensure the well fare of a patient, over achievement of science courses is necessary. Looking at the medical educational setup that is present in today”s Universities, premed students work hard at science and put forth the effort to make these classes their number one priority.

According to Thomas, ” If there are any courses in the humanities that can be taken without risk to class standing they will line up for these, but they will not get in to anything tough except for science.” (Thomas 114) Comprehending science can be hard and exhilarating, students should space out these courses while maintaining a level of understanding of other fields, but it is serious to make focus on science. Any student in the undergraduate level maintaining a good grade point average while taking 300, and 400 level science classes is bound for success.

The risk factor for a doctor practicing medicine that has thoroughly been educated and has completed all necessary science classes, whether it be premature specialization or courses in medical school, will ultimately be a safe doctor and will create a more secure atmosphere in the field. Premature Specialization in Medicine



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