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Physical Education Sample Essay

Physical Education Sample Essay

When the term physical education is mentioned what automatically comes to mind is developing bodily fitness trough engaging in sporting activities such as football, volleyball, and athletics.  Physical education helps one to develop physical skills and confidence which are vital in the growth of other skills essential in the participation of a wide range of activities such as swimming (Spittle, Petering, Kremer, & Spittle, 2012). Additionally, social skills such as socialization and respect for others are learned in the same process as one is able to realize the importance of teamwork as a productive member of the group. Health benefits of engaging in physical education, recommendable diet, and threats as a result of failure to exercise are taught during physical education classes. Physical Education Sample Essay


              Different people have always wondered why one would consider joining a profession in physical education. This is mostly influenced by different stereotypes and perceptions held by both men and women from different walks of life. For instance, some societies are of the view that physical education is for those who are not academically viable (Spittle, Petering, Kremer, & Spittle, 2012). Parents in such societies encourage their children to study hard to have a successful future. They forget the fact that not only education can guarantee one a successful life but also other activities such as playing football and basketball. Additionally, in other societies, certain games are believed to belong to certain gender which in real sense is not true. For instance, certain games may be considered as belonging to men, for example, boxing because they have muscles, unlike women. However, thinking about it critically, both men and women have the same ability to perform when given a level ground. This simply means what a man can do a woman can do also and vice versa. This is why in physical education, there are different categories of sporting activities with both men and women taking part.

In conclusion, however, it should be remembered that stereotypes and perceptions are vital in understanding how individuals develop their knowledge and identity socially in an attempt to become group members.


Spittle, M., Petering , F., Kremer, P., & Spittle , S. (2012). Stereotypes and Self-Perceptions of Physical Education Pre-Service Teachers. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 1-25.

Physical Education Sample Essay


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