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Personality in Social World Research Paper

Personality in Social World Research Paper

Personality comprises of the intellect, consciousness, physical body, psychic and spiritual aspects. The mind, body and intellect encompass the ‘Ego’, while the spiritual being and psychic are aspects, which are deeper within the conscious self and provide human interaction thus interconnection with the external world. The individual experience of interaction causes non-duality and inability to liberate from the boundaries or distinctions between the individualism and others.Personality in Social World Research Paper

Concentrating on one’s awareness and actions founded on interconnectedness means that one is able to realize special character traits and detach from the ego identity to engage social change. According to John et al (p.12), being compassionate, loving, understanding and empathetic to others are qualities that are linkable to self-realization.

People will often create boundaries and become divisive against others when they cannot explore deeper levels of interactions. Diversion from self-desires and attachment to others causes less separation, unselfishness, consciousness and the act of inter-dependence.

Compassionate World

Self-realization strengthens the bonds between people, thus causing the social cohesion between individuals. From this perspective, social change is the main cause of a compassionate world. Compassionate in an embracement of both love and hate. A compassionate world ought to give the good and accept or deal with evil from the inhabitants.Personality in Social World Research Paper


Social compassion enslaves compassion, but people are able to give and accept whole-heartedly and selflessly. Existence of such a situation would cause people to accept and find the importance of fighting discriminatory situation. In line with John et al (p.11), a compassionate world means accepting social responsibility.

Catholicism on the issue of Social Justice

The catholic is a ministry with two main aspects namely services and action. The church actions are also known as social justice, which is mainly concerned with correcting structural functions to keep up with the societal needs. Social justice emerges during social services, which is the direct aid to people in need. The catholic is mainly involved in a selection of corporal efforts in support of the poor through mercy. They provide basic needs and care for the sick, orphaned and needy out of charity.

During the social services, the church is also able to administer justice through solving of a variety of problems in the community. Social charity therefore enables the church to practice social justice, for instance if someone is in need of food due to loss of a job, the church can charitably provide food for a while and correct the problem permanently by assisting the affected person to secure a job. According to Laurent (p.7), “Social justice can be obtained only in respecting the transcendent dignity of the human being”Personality in Social World Research Paper

Influence of Personality on Social World

In line with John et al (p.12), “Personality traits have intrinsic differences that remain stable throughout most of one’s life. They are the constant aspects of individuality,” however personality features may digress slightly in accordance to the criticality of a situation, but remain easily identifiable. Spirituality determines personality features, which are distinctive and common in a variety of situations.

A socially just world depends on behaviours of people, this is persistent and stable overtime, and therefore they are easily determinable. The features of personality have a basis on the synergy, consciousness, emotional stability, intellect and agreeableness of a situation. Civilization naturally comes with some unique tragedies but man has power over evil and that may be the reason why it is very hard for the interconnection between human beings to perish completely.

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