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Personal statement for nursing

Personal statement for nursing

As the first child growing up in a Chinese family In a predominantly minority Oakland community, I watched my grandfather take countless prescribed medications for Illnesses from cancer and thyroid Issues, and being Diabetic. Noticing the medicine cabinet full of drugs made me question what exactly went on in my grandfather’s body when he took these daily medications. I attended most my grandfather’s health care appointments to translate because of his limited English or even none. Personal statement for nursing

They needed my interpretation to understand the information about each drug received for my grandfather. Unable to elaborate on the physiological effects of particular drugs, however, my explanations were limited to basic side effects and indications: drowsiness or pain relief. Or the reasoning to why the medical procedure is being done to get certain tests results. As an intermediary in my grandfather’s health situation, I gained not only an acute awareness of the patient’s experience in medical interactions but also an appreciation for the nurse’s crucial role.


Translating for my grandfather, I was vitiated by the passionate nurse’s knowledge of skills and explanation of procedures and education, her eagerness to consult with the patient to meet his needs. Beyond patient interactions, I gained insight into nurses’ role in communicating with doctors about what the patient want or needs. I began to understand the crucial role of communication in promoting patients’ appropriate healing process.

My determination to pursue a career In Nursing remains strong, As a volunteer at Asia Healthcare Center In Oakland, I regularly Interact with low-income minority tenets experiencing challenges similar to my grandfather’s: limited education, financial need, language barriers. I play an important role in addressing patients’ clinical needs through direct interactions with them: I build rapport with patients, enabling them to trust the nurses and discuss personal issues. Personal statement for nursing

The nurse plays a crucial role In determining whether a patient Is able to follow through with a prescribed treatment through careful consideration of an Individuals personal circumstances and the feasibility of treatment. Lingering at Aslant Healthcare provides me fuller appreciation for the compassionate, professional communication required for effectiveness as a nurse. My commitment to developing communication skills and my passion for being a nurse has evolved through my involvement in the Oakland community, which often lacks clinical education.

Working with the East Bay Asian Youth Community, an after- school program serving underprivileged students, strengthened my Interest In working closely with youth. I maintained a classroom of 10-15 teenage students, providing support in and outside of the classroom. Besides teaching basic math, I provided weekly lessons about drugs such as Ethylene to help the students understand their physiological effects. Despite the challenge of teaching these students, I realized the value of my contribution when a high school student In my class said, “l really appreciate your lesson about drugs.

If not for you, I could not This experience gratified me and strengthened my resolve to pursue Nursing. As a Nurse, I desire to continue my development as a skilled, culturally competent, compassionate professional. I place a high priority on understanding the effect of patients’ personal circumstances on their ability to follow a prescribed treatment and facilitating their understanding the necessity of such treatments. In the long term, as role model to my family and as leader to the community, I want to help minorities, especially Asian immigrants, by educating them and providing effective, appropriate service to meet their needs. Personal statement for nursing



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