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Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay

Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay

What do you consider to be the perfect appearance? Is it the one portrayed on social medias or is it the one that glows from inside out? Does your mood depend on how you look? Appearance says a lot in who we are individually it shows who are as a person. A person identity should be unique.

The way they let others see them regardless of whether it is correct or not they should feel confident as who they are. Appearance can be equally important as being the smartest or richest. However, many people become obsess with the way they look. This is proven by the what society/public says is perfect or beautiful, the different illnesses caused by not loving ones’ self and various expensive plastic surgeries people undergo to become beautiful or perfect.Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay


For instance, in society today, public thoughts of beauty greatly differ from what has been taught. Inner beauty most people are taught to look at, but we continuously see images of things that are beautiful on the outside. Either shown in television, magazines and social media accounts or in an advertisement showcasing the latest makeup that promises you natural glow with smooth skin, acne treatment that makes all your dark spots disappear while there is a lip gloss that make your lips look luscious. Society tells males and females that being skinny with long straight hair, small waist, big butt and a thin straight nose makes you perfect. And if you look that way you’re not perfect or beautiful. People then become insecure of the way they look because they do not portray the ideal looks society has placed for them.Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay

Furthermore, young people mainly are affected by how they should look. That’s why majority of young people are known to have hateful thoughts about themselves, become anorexic, bulimic and suffer from malnutrition or obesity. (S. Almond’s) “The Influence of the Media on Eating Disorders” makes a point of how every person was made to be unique and how advertisement promotes these ideal body. People then become obsessed with looking like models that they forget who they are as a person and just wanting to look like someone else. This lowers a person’s self-esteem making them think they are not good enough. Signs of anorexia and bulimia is where an individual throws up everything when they eat. (Lauren Bradshaw) Anorexia can cause the body to start feeding on itself, while bulimia can cause damage to the teeth and esophagus, and both are life threatening. Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay.Men use steroids in to deal with body unhappiness. In excess this can lead to brain cancer, liver damage and heart attacks, even young healthy men can be affected by this. In addition, plastic surgery rates have increased drastically over the years of 2015-2018. There are many woman and men like Sir Tom Jones and Kim Kardashian who spends a ridiculous amount of money to look a certain way for the public. People would do anything to look pretty in the public eye. Going under the knife is becoming more common these days for people to get their body to how they want. , but it seems likely that the countries with the highest plastic surgery rates in the world are Mexico, France, Brazil and Japan. (Kate Silver) Joan Rivers who underwent three hundred forty-eight (348) plastic surgeries throughout her life time spent over one (1) million dollars so she would look younger than she ought to be. Caitlyn Jenner who spent five million ($5,000,000) dollars on breast augmentations and facial surgeries. She did several face lifts and nose jobs, numerous breast procedures, brow lifts, jowl removal, chemical peels, laser treatments, vein removal, neck lifts and eye lifts. Caitlyn occasionally goes back for regular tune-ups costing sixty thousand ($60,000) dollars. She went back months later for Botox and laser work costing nearly eighty thousand ($80,000) dollars. These celebrities did plastic surgeries to fix flaws they thought they had, just to be confident and look good in the public eye.Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay

In conclusion we may best be able to understand these people through studying their thoughts and feelings about their body image. People will spend so much money on surgeries, beauty products and make up to make their self-appealing to the public because they are so hyper-focused on their appearance. Our Obsession With Appearance Due To The Media Essay


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