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Ordinary People Assignment Sample

Ordinary People Assignment Sample

At the family level, Conrad the main character is affected by fear and low self-esteem. Besides, Conrad suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and survivors syndrome. The mother acts cold towards Conrad due to his suicide attempt which makes him feel unloved and alienated. Besides, he adopts the belief that he always lived under the shadow of his dead brother whom everybody idolized and blames himself for the accidental death of his brother. Friends also affect Conrad’s behavior. For instance, Beth blames Conrad for his suicidal act. When Conrad mentions that Beth never visited him in the hospital but would have visited if Buck was the one in hospital, she claims that Buck would never be in a hospital in the first place. This escalates the feeling that he is not loved the way his brother did. The environment also contributes to his suicidal act. For instance, other than individuals dealing with their emotions and feelings, they commit suicide. For instance, Karen a friend to Conrad from the hospital commits suicide.Ordinary People Assignment Sample


At the micro-level, Conrad suffers from fear and low self-esteem which makes him feel unloved by his mother whom they keep on arguing with and friends such as Beth who blames him for committing suicide. As a result, he feels responsible for the death of his brother Buck. However, Conrad accepts that he has a problem and seeks psychiatric help and learns how to deal with emotions instead of controlling them. At the mezzo level, Conrad suffers from the mother’s failure to help in the healing process due to her nagging nature and denial. However, the father supports Conrad by establishing a strong connection. At the macro level, members of society fail to deal with the feelings and emotions facing them and adopt suicidal actions. However, individuals such as Dr. Berger are ready to help those who come seeking help. Berger engages Conrad in an empathetic relationship. He puts himself in the shoes of Conrad in order to comprehend what Conrad is going through such as post-traumatic disorder and survivor syndrome. The empathetic relationship established enables Dr. Berger to better understand the problem from Conrad’s perspective. Moreover, this empathetic relationship improves communication between Dr. Berger and Conrad and begins to open up during the therapy sessions which ends up in a breakthrough. For instance, Conrad learns to deal with his feelings and emotions instead of controlling them. Besides, he stops blaming himself for the death of his brother and learns to deal with his mother who is a major risk factor in the healing process. Dr. Berger demonstrates significant skills in establishing an empathetic relationship that bears fruits in the end.Ordinary People Assignment Sample

If I were the social worker in the case, I would also establish an empathetic relationship with Conrad. Empathetic relationship involves being kind, patient and understanding. By being patient with the client, an opportunity to realize significant information on what is bothering the patient is created. Understanding also enable the psychiatrist to resonate with the client and come up with the right approach. It is only through an empathetic relationship that I would understand what Conrad was going through. Without an empathetic relationship, significant information from the client cannot be realized. An empathetic relationship is based on trust and the client has to trust the social worker and vice versa for the greater good. However, I would advise Conrad to shun some of his friends such as Beth who are a risk factor in the healing process. Such friends may derail Conrad from the recovery process by making Conrad deny his condition and escalate the feeling of being unloved.


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