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Nursing Professional Practice Essay

Nursing Professional Practice Essay

Reflection is an important component for nursing professional to attain knowledge, nursing education and to learn through practice. Reflection is understood as a deliberate process of critically thinking on the clinical experience which leads to the development and potential change in the practice. Many scholars agree that the reflective thinking and reflection in nursing will help the nurses to build the knowledge through practices, developing clinical judgments, improve the communication skills and improve patient care.Nursing Professional Practice Essay

Reflection is used by the nursing students and nurses during practice and as a mode of learning which promotes personal and professional improvement.


This assignment is basically based upon the driscroll’s model and how I apply it in one of my clinical experience how I will improve my clinical experience in the future. The process under the driscroll model includes what, so what (the feeling about the clinical experience), now what (if it happens again what I will do differently). And in this assignment I will link the theory of this model to the nursing practice.

Driscoll’s model and steps

This model of reflection is very simple and easy for the reflective practitioner.Nursing Professional Practice Essay

It is also the first step on the ladder to the reflective practitioners. This model consists of three simple questions which will ask on the experience or certain activity which should be reflected on. These questions are what?, so what? And now what?. These levels of reflections are descriptive, theoretical and action oriented. Driscoll model is basically based on the Borton’s developmental model The steps of driscoll’s model What? It is returning to the actual situation and it is also the descriptive level of the reflection. In this stage the main questions which should be in mind are:

What are the problems or reasons and difficultly for being stuck in that situation

What was my role in that situation? What was I tried to achieve?

What are actions I took? What was the response of others?

What were the outcomes for the patients? For my self? And others?

What feelings evoke in the patient? For myself ? and others?

What was the good and bad experience about the situation?

Nursing Professional Practice Essay


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