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Nursing in Israel: History and Changes Essay

Nursing in Israel: History and Changes Essay

Nursing, as a profession in Israel, has grown through various stages to become what it is today. This paper looks at various issues regarding the state of nursing in Israel. It stresses on the history and changes in the nursing profession in Israel.Nursing in Israel: History and Changes Essay

The process of creating a nursing practice in Israel requires three main components. First, an organization needs to set a nursing vision that inspires its staff to support the creation of nursing practice. A nursing vision acts as a unifying factor for all the employees in the organization (Porat et al., 2011). It helps them to develop a mental picture of the nursing practice and to focus on its potential benefits. Secondly, the organization tests this vision in a pilot test to check whether it meets the aspirations of its stakeholders. This process is very important in determining which aspects of the vision to uphold. The third step is to share the vision with various departments (Porat et al., 2011). A successful pilot test will aid the organization in determining which components of the vision are useful, and which ones are ineffective.Nursing in Israel: History and Changes Essay


The political and cultural history of modern Israel influenced the history of nursing in the country. The first nursing school in the country opened its doors in 1918 before the establishment of the modern state of Israel (Hadassah Medical Center, 2014). The country has fought several wars and has dealt with several attacks within its borders. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invited nurses to help with the war effort during the War of Independence in 1948. After that, the demand for nurses grew because of the mass immigration of Jews into the newly created state of Israel. Since then, Israeli nurses are always on alert because of the threats posed by Israel’s aggressors. The presence of a committed and effective nursing community is necessary for the successful treatment of people injured in war. This country has developed courses for its unskilled nurses as well as postgraduate programs to give professional nurses additional skills. The nursing profession is now one of the best-defined professions in the country.

The main changes affecting the nursing profession in Israel are as follows. First, academic education is now a requirement to practice as a nurse in Israel (Porat et al., 2011). Previously, the country allowed licensed practical nurses, and unlicensed assistive personnel to carry out nursing duties based on the knowledge and skills garnered in practice (Porat et al., 2011). The second shift is that nursing in Israel now has a stronger focus on community nursing rather than institutional nursing (Porat et al., 2011). The ability of nurses to operate in communities improves health outcomes. This is because community-based nursing enables nurses to intervene in medical emergencies in good time. The third main change in the nursing profession in Israel is the enactment of a Nursing Bill currently before parliament. This bill will elaborate and clarify the legal duties of nurses. It will usher in a new era in the regulation of the nursing practice.Nursing in Israel: History and Changes Essay

The key points raised in the article reviewed in this paper are as follows. First, bringing change to a medical institution requires a carefully crafted vision that can galvanize support from all stakeholders. Secondly, institutional leaders have a key responsibility to drive change in medical organizations. Finally, the nursing profession in Israel is changing rapidly in response to the growing demand for high-quality nursing services and the expansion of training opportunities for nurses.


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