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Nursing Care Course and Core Competencies

Nursing Care Course and Core Competencies

Program Outcome # 1

Learning and practical experiences of every nurse begin with clear explanations, definitions, and examples. It goes without saying that the center of nursing work is a patient. It is not enough to provide high-quality care and follow all recommended standards and rules. Nursing care has to be patient-centered and holistic, meaning all interactive and integrative processes have to be respectful of patients’ needs and values (Dossey & Keegan, 2015). This course is a unique opportunity for students to understand what represents holistic and patient-centered care and why nurses should begin with such basics. Nursing care is not only treatment and management. It is a powerful combination of such factors as communication with patients, doctors, and other healthcare workers, prevention of illnesses, and promotion healing through love and support. Thorough research, extensive reading, and numerous discussions can help to improve personal knowledge about holistic care and achieve the main program outcome that is to learn how to provide high-quality holistic and patient-centered care. This course helps to take the first steps in nursing and clarify if a student makes a right decision or some improvements or changes may be required. Nursing Care Course and Core Competencies


MSN Essential I

In terms of this course, I get an opportunity to realize that the master’s prepared nurse has to be ready to take many responsibilities, as well as to act and demonstrate a desire to be professionally and personally developed. Over the last 8 weeks, I learned a lot about the importance of scientific findings from such fields as genetics, biopsychology, public health, and nursing. Continual improvement of nursing care is one of the main goals that should be achieved through nursing practice. Therefore, lifelong learning, exchange of information, and recognition of personal experience cannot be ignored in nursing (Davis, Taylor, & Reyes 2014). Sometimes, nurses are ready to spend days and nights researching a new study or finding evidence. At the same time, many nurses want to use their personal knowledge and practice to give answers. To avoid problems and reduce the number of negative outcomes, nurses should find a golden middle between research and practice and use scientific finding reasonably across diverse settings. I enjoy the way of how my teachers helped me identify the need for research in nursing practice. Nursing Care Course and Core Competencies

Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies # 1

The achievements and outcomes of the course show why it is necessary for every nurse practitioner to understand core competencies and develop appropriate skills. The knowledge base and practical skills of nurses are the basics of care offered to patients (Peate & Wild, 2017). During the last 8 weeks, I had to deal with a number of tasks the goals of which varied from data analysis to new practice development. In the beginning, I was not sure if it was necessary and effective to make students work so hard and demonstrate individual approaches to improve practice processes. Within several weeks, I was able to change my mind and enjoyed every minute of this course. I received new information in small portions. But it was enough to take a new step and discover a new solution to an old problem. It was not hard, and, what is more important, it was funny and interesting to compare my colleagues’ knowledge and translate research from a different perspective. In general, the core goal was achieved, and now, I am ready for new tasks based on researching, analyzing, interpreting, or even integrating new ideas.


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