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Nurses and Shortage Assignment

Nurses and Shortage Assignment

Response One

The shortage of nurses is one of the factors that has led to a decrease in the quality of the health care services offered to the consumers. This is because the nurses that are available are not enough to offer sufficient services to meet the continuously increasing needs and expectations of the people in the society (ANA, 2015). therefore, one of the most common outcomes is that the available nurses are forced to strain their efforts in order to compensate on the shortage, the resultant effects is that these experts work to high levels of fatigue which is one of the manifestations of poor quality health care services (ANA, 2015). Nurses and Shortage Assignment


Response Two

Lack of support in the first year of professional practices is one of the factors that has led to an increase in the shortage of nurses. The first year of practice is very challenging for the nurses. This is because they need sufficient support from the experienced members of the profession in order for them to have a smooth transition into professional practice (AACN, 2015). This can also facilitate their gradual integration into the professional and thus increasing their level of motivation towards working in advanced clinical setups. Therefore, the support from the senior members of the profession is elemental towards building a stable and accurate nursing profession.Nurses and Shortage Assignment

Response Three
Just like other medical professions, the nurses require sufficient time and resources to facilitate their transition from school to the professional practice. Most of the nurses do not have sufficient resources to sustain themselves after their graduation from school. Therefore, the most practical and realistic ways of assisting them in the transition into professional practice is through the use of the supporting government institutions and professional bodies to assist the nursing have a smooth transition (Chandler, 2012). This can also facilitate the collaboration with the senior members of the community to enhance their application of the theoretical and conceptual ideologies acquired in school in advanced clinical practice.

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Nurses and Shortage Assignment



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