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My Understanding Of The American Dream Essay Paper

My Understanding Of The American Dream Essay Paper

The new world was changing, and much for the better. A metal beast known as the locomotive is made as we begin paving a track for it westward bound. As the entire country begins to grow from farming towns into metal metropolises. Many in Europe see this as a chance to start anew, a fresh start for them and their families. So they to move west towards a new land, a new life, the American Dream. I believe the American Dream is about making your life your own, whether that’s starting a business, having 2 kids or 12, who you marry, when you quit your job, molding life into what you make of it, that is the American Dream to me. My Understanding Of The American Dream Essay Paper

Many people in Europe lived under a monarch, a monarch who could do whatever they want. As this tends to cause problems for common people, a large part of the American Dream to me is freedom to choose. Choose a spouse, what job they have, how many kids if at all, where to live, what to eat, all things some immigrants did not have access to in their home country. However, the American Dream has no 1 definition. Some people think the American Dream is to be seen as equals to all. Another big thing people see from the American Dream is a fresh start, a 2nd chance. There are even those who see the American Dream as simply thrill seeking, seeing a new side of the world, exploring the undiscovered lands to the west.


What someone’s personal definition is can be based on people groups, such as race and religion, because the white christian male serving in a democracy is going to have a different reason to move to america the the Asian hindu serving under an emperor. Different people groups have experienced different experiences, thus changing their perspective. My Understanding Of The American Dream Essay Paper

For instance, someone living under a french monarch moves to America for a different reason as an Irishman suffering the great Potato Famine, just as their reason is different from the African who seeks fortune. With these reasons come different meanings of the American Dream, the Frenchman is probably looking for choice to live their own life and equality for all, while the Irishman and African are probably looking for a fresh start. Each of these individuals are searching for something America can offer. And when all these cultures collide, they create a beautiful painting, a melting pot of ideas and beliefs, each with their own unique twist. That alone could be a definition of the American Dream. A desire to become a part of something bigger, to be their own stroke of paint on this canvas we call home. Because the canvas does not make the painting, just as the land alone does not make this country. It is the paint, the people, that make America a true work of art.My Understanding Of The American Dream Essay Paper


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