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My Fascination In The Science Of Medicine Essay Example

My Fascination In The Science Of Medicine Essay Example

Viruses, critical signs and ventilator machines. Spending my early years in the hospital withcritical asthma attacks, I have experienced first-hand the profession I want to pursue. My experience as a patient has always strengthened my interest in medicine.

During my placement in a GP practice, I began to value the necessity of personalised care andthe psychological and physical attentiveness required. The doctor I shadowed communicated efficiently with patients, while adhering to their individual needs with an unwavering air of comfort, even in situations of discomfort. I observed many consultations with patients diagnosed with chronic diseases and was particularly touched by one case; a woman who endured hospital treatment for a sarcoma. After she explained how valuable the GP’s emotional support was to her, it highlighted to me the importance of aligning primary and secondary care to ensure complete patient confidence. I took this approach to patient care in my long-term volunteer placement at a hospice, where many elderly residents were diagnosed with dementia. It proved to be a challenge to care for them in their mentally vulnerable state, but I learned how to cater to each individual’s need through compassionate understanding and communication. My Fascination In The Science Of Medicine Essay Example

My experience here prompted myattending a mental health programme at King’s College London and learning about the neuroscience of dementia. This gave me further insight into the challenges doctors face in new situations, and how putting my research into practice alongside individualised care helped to deepen my understanding of the struggle dementia patients face in completing even the simplest tasks.

The intricate neuroscience of dementia and how it uniquely affects personality has furthered my fascination in the science of medicine and I remain resolute to play a part inthe solution to the CDC’s prediction that dementia cases will double by 2060. While shadowing a plastic surgeon, I witnessed a five-hour abdominoplasty, which became apivotal moment in my understanding of the transformational capabilities of science. The surgeon’s manual skill, combined with the cohesion between all components of the multidisciplinary team, enabled them to work with unified precision in calculating the size of incision for the navel and how much excess adipose tissue and skin to remove. Witnessing these life-changing alterations made possible by the medical team further fuelled my desire to study medicine at degree level.My Fascination In The Science Of Medicine Essay Example

There are echoes of the surgery team dynamic in my recent role of founding and running a sixth form debating club. Through steering students to formulate speeches and coaching them for debating competitions, I have furthered my ability to act effectively in leadership roles.


Competing in sports allows me to balance my academic life. I captained my school athleticsteam and outside of school, trained and competed with Herne Hill Athletics Club building effective team communication skills, much like the doctors I observed. Additionally, I have achieved numerous proficiency awards from the National British Gymnastics and competed incross-country for the Borough of Merton. I find the intensity of sport provides a beneficial break, allowing me to destress. I continue to embrace the physical and mental strains inevitable in this career and remain engaged in the ever-changing world of science to further my ability to understand the human condition. My Fascination In The Science Of Medicine Essay Example


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