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Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay

Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay


Chronic conditions are terminal in nature and affect people’s performance, productivity, and quality of life. Many countries have implemented various measures to deal with various diseases affecting their citizens. This discussion presents IOM’s observations regarding the current predicament of multiple chronic conditions (MCCs). New changes that can result in superior population health approaches for these illnesses are also suggested. Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay

Statement Explanation

The “Living Well with Chronic Illness” report by the IOM indicates that the current disease activities in the United States cannot address the predicament of multiple chronic conditions (MCC). What this statement means is that the American healthcare system is supported using advanced innovations, care delivery systems, and policies. Some of the common disease activities include pharmacotherapy, immunization, surgery, and the promotion of appropriate hygienic practices.

Different fields, such as medicine, public health, social work, and nursing work synergistically to tackle the problem of chronic diseases. Patients suffering from mental illness, tuberculosis, stroke, cardiovascular have been supported to pursue their goals in life (Bayliss et al., 2014). These measures have empowered healthcare professionals to address the problems many individuals face. Modern approaches in rehabilitation, analgesia, nutrition, and occupational therapy have improved people’s health outcomes. Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay

However, the IOM report reveals that different chronic conditions are still affecting many people. Most of the above achievements and disease activities have failed to deliver positive results. This is true since numerous health issues continue to compromise such initiatives, including tobacco use, alcoholism, unhealthful eating habits, and physical inactivity. The leading conditions affecting many Americans include epilepsy, asthma, depression, obesity, stroke, cancer, lung disease, and cardiovascular disease.


Bayliss et al. (2014) indicate that one in every four citizens in the United States has more than one chronic condition. Additionally, the burden of MCCs among racial minorities, elderly citizens, and disabled persons remains disproportionate. This issue explains why the chronic disease is presently a leading public health challenge. It also continues to affect people’s health outcomes and the nation’s economic performance.

Appropriate Changes

The existing problem requires numerous changes to implement a powerful population approach for MCC. The first one revolves around the introduction of evidence-based measures that focus on different communities.

This calls for a shift from most of the disease-specific inventions embraced in the country. This strategy will encourage individuals in different communities to engage in physical activities, develop healthy eating habits, and avoid tobacco use. The second change is to develop superior strategies to encourage more people to embrace the idea of disease screening (Bayliss et al., 2014). When a specific condition is identified, it will be possible to manage it and empower more individuals to achieve their potential. Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay

The government can focus on powerful programs to promote chronic disease management and self-help practices. Community-based approaches can meet the needs of persons with disabilities and those from minority races.

Every program should have clear action plans, objectives, and resources. The ultimate goal is to improve the management of chronic illnesses. Powerful policies can also be introduced to improve surveillance, monitoring, and evaluation of MCCs (Bayliss et al., 2014). This strategy will present evidence-based ideas for dealing with various conditions. Private-public partnerships can also streamline care delivery to many individuals with MCCs. Social workers, counselors, educators, and psychotherapists should also establish multidisciplinary teams to provide high-quality services.


The above discussion has revealed that MCCs continue to affect many citizens in the United States. Modern medical procedures and achievements have not managed to address this health predicament. Private-public partnerships, superior policies, and community-based programs can result in population health approaches for MCCs. The government should also improve existing policies to meet all patients’ needs. Multiple Chronic Conditions Essay



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