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Medical Office Management Profession Essay

Medical Office Management Profession Essay

I am planning to join the Medical Office Management profession. Medical Office Management is an emerging profession as healthcare organizations look forward to providing quality care to their patients.Medical Office Management Profession Essay

I have some important skills and competencies that can make me a successful medical office manager. I am also looking forward to getting my license as a registered nurse (RN) to have a successful career. In this discussion, I will present the major issues surrounding my chosen career.Medical Office Management Profession Essay

Overview of the Profession

A medical office manager is a professional in the healthcare sector. The candidate should have the necessary knowledge in clinical practice, business, and organizational management. The professional is responsible for the specific operations of proper medical practice. It is necessary for the individual to have the best administrative, medical, and clinical skills.

Educational requirements for the position of a medical office manager will vary significantly from one employer to another. However, the candidate should have a degree in nursing, office management, or clinical practice.

As well, most of the employers will consider individuals with a Master’s Degree in Administration or Healthcare Management. In different parts of the world, the employer will require a degree certificate. However, in the state of Iowa, some employers expect the candidates to have certificates for Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM).Medical Office Management Profession Essay

The profession requires that the individuals are competent, computer literate, good leaders, and decision-makers. With these considerations, a medical office manager should embrace the best ethical practices and be able to promote privacy during practice.

Leadership skills are necessary because individuals should work with nurses and other caregivers. The profession has become an important career today because it determines the quality of healthcare provided to patients.

Medical Office Management is a profession that requires some of the most admirable personality traits. For instance, professionals should be a good record keeper. As well, the person should be ethical and enthusiastic. The person should be confident, self-aware, and always self-disciplined. This will make it possible to address the issues affecting the clients and patients. The individuals should be a good listener.

As well, the personality should be flexible and the ability to adapt to new environments. These traits can make a person successful in this profession. The individual should have integrity, have proper leadership skills, be initiative, and the ability to tolerate stress.


My current personality traits line up with my future career goals as a medical office manager. To begin with, I have a positive attitude, thus making it easier for me to remain focused. I understand the importance of being ethical and principled. I am always self-aware, confident, and disciplined.

These traits will make it easier for me to work comfortably with others. I am a good communicator and listener. I am also enthusiastic and willing to inspire others. I have always been persistent, thus being able to endure at the time of adversity. However, I am looking forward to improving my abilities to tolerate stress. With the ability to tolerate stress, I will be on the right path towards a successful career.Medical Office Management Profession Essay

My main career goal is to become an official medical manager. In the recent past, the position of a medical office manager has become necessary to ensure healthcare centers and institutions provide evidence-based care to their patients. That being the case, I am looking forward to widening my skills and competencies so that I can be successful in my career.

I strongly believe that Kaplan’s University Career Services can assist me greatly in obtaining my career goals. For instance, the university provides new skills and strategies to become successful in different careers.

Career Services also encourages individuals to embrace new skills, consult with professionals, and embrace the idea of “job-shadowing.” The institution provides the best services and ideas to help students and other people develop appropriate skills and competencies. These ideas will assist me in obtaining my future career goals.

In the next five years, I see myself working in the healthcare sector as a Medical Office Manager. I am also planning to go back to school to obtain my license as a registered nurse (RN). By so doing, I will be able to provide the best services as a medical office manager.

The practice will make it easier for my organization to provide quality care to its patients. With my ambitions and skills, I will always be working hard to make these goals and expectations a possible reality.Medical Office Management Profession Essay


My dream career is becoming a medical office manager. After getting my license as a registered nurse, I will work hard to become a medical office manager to promote healthcare delivery.

I also believe that I will find Kaplan’s University Services helpful because they assist me to realize my career goals. I will also work hard to improve my “stress tolerance” to be successful as a medical office manager. With my current skills, traits, and ambitions, I am confident that I will become successful in my career.Medical Office Management Profession Essay


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