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Marriage in United Arab Emirates Proposal

Marriage in United Arab Emirates Proposal

Marriage is a sacred union of two people. The United Arab Emirates shares the same view on marriage. Statistics shows that married couples are happier and have better chance in terms of longevity while those who are single are less happy and live shorter lives. But unfortunately, people who are married are not always happy; depression plays a significant role in family ties and relationships.Marriage in United Arab Emirates Proposal

A study of the UAE married couples has shown interesting results. Research was conducted that rated married couples on their happiness. There were three criteria, namely, very happy, pretty happy and not happy. The results have shown that 56.3% were pretty happy, 30% very happy and 13% answered as not being happy (Al-Othman 2012). Even though 13% might seem as a low number when applied to the whole population, it is a significant amount of people. The United Arab Emirates and the culture itself are very much open to marriage and consider it to be an important and necessary part of life.

It is also thought to be prestige and healthy. Child bearing is a necessary part of tradition and life, and it is expected that married couples will have children. So, even though it is a good thing to get married and have children, there are several detrimental factors that influence happiness of a family and individuals within marriage, as well as their immediate relatives. Currently, the Arab Emirates’ government is encouraging marriages because of the fast changing world. Gender roles are changing and people are starting to take up attitudes and behaviors that were not previously observed (Schvaneveldt, 2005).


Another study was conducted that focused on the reasons why couples and individuals within a family union were not happy or experienced signs of depression. The major reason was the postnatal depression or PND. One of the reasons why mothers feel depressed is because of hormonal changes, which takes place during and after pregnancy when a child is born. But at the same time, it does not happen purely for biological reasons. The amount of support and the relationship between husband and wife and immediate family members also plays a great role in causes of depression.Marriage in United Arab Emirates Proposal

First time mothers have many doubts about child birth before and during pregnancy, and if the support they receive is minimal their fears are largely increased. The relationship with mother in law has shown to have a significant effect on PND. The culture of the United Arab Emirates traditionally has close ties between sons and mothers meaning that if the wife does not receive approval or support from her mother in law, it can trigger signs and causes for stress, which evolves into a long term depression (Green, 2006).

The study has shown that “almost half of the sample could be identified as having risk factors for developing postnatal depression” (Green, 2006). A change that has been rather recent in the UAE couples consists in their moving out of husband’s family house and living separately. This has caused a significant positive effect on the relationships and general health of a young family (Green, 2006).Marriage in United Arab Emirates Proposal

The social life in the UAE is currently undertaking changes that are traced to the Western society. The social life of the UAE is becoming more liberal in understanding the marriage and individual wants and needs (Schvaneveldt, 2005). A strong union between two people in marriage has proven to be a major benefit for both families and society.


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