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Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.

 Your class project will be the development of a 10-12-page (double spaced) marketing plan centered on a very important product – YOU. There are personal marketing plan exercises at the conclusion of each chapter homework assignment that will aid in putting together content for this semester-long project. You are to integrate your responses to the marketing plan exercises (along with other material of your choosing) into a compelling personal marketing plan document. This document will detail your current personal and professional goals and aid you in developing a roadmap that will help you to achieve them. Please note that the finished personal marketing plan should be more than simply a stitching together of these end-of-chapter exercises. Also – proper sentence structure and grammar will be a factor in grading. Your final project should be professional, which means you need to do a careful proof edit prior to submission. You should review the rubric for additional details … and be sure to include an updated resume as Appendix A. You should have 1 section in your plan for EACH of the grading rubric categories – and please note that some categories have subheadings. You can find a sample plan in your text – you will need to add an APA formatted title page to your plan and save as a PDF to submit. Be sure to review the rubric for details on grading!

Marketing homework help


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