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Management homework help

Management homework help.


Final Examination:

Assignment Based Assessment

                          Semester: II       A. Y.: 2019 / 2020

Diploma-II Year


Start Date: May 1, 2020

 Time: 1:00 pm


Due Date: May 3,2020

 Time: 1:00 pm


Student Name


Student ID








Diploma Second Year


Course Name

Financial Management


Course Code

BAFI 2109 /BAFI 2110



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Question No. Max. Marks Obtained Marks   Question No. Max. Marks Obtained Marks
1 5   1 5  
2 5   2 5  
3 5   3 5  
4 5   4 5  
5 5   5 5  
6 5   6 5  
7 5   7 5  
8 5   8 5  
9 5   9 5  
10 5   10 5  

Grand Total Marks




First Marker:

Second Marker:





Guidelines for Students to Submit the Assignment:
 1)     The final assessment for semester 2, 2019-20 will be done through comprehensive assignment for a maximum of 50 marks.  The schedule of the final assessment is available in the college website.
2)     All the students are expected to have only one assignment at one time. In case, if the students have more than one assignment on the same day, please report to the exam committee through the following mail id. as soon as possible.
3)     All students are given 48 hours to complete and submit each assignment from the day, date and time the assignment is uploaded. Students are advised not to wait till the last moment of the deadline to submit the assignment.
4)     The students can check the assignment anytime and any number of times from the opening of the assignment. The answer to the assignment need to be uploaded in e-learning within 48 hours.
5)     The answer to the assignment can be uploaded only one time. No requests for resubmission of the assignment will be entertained.
6)     The students may contact the following mail Ids if they face any difficulties while related to final assignment.

​ For Academic related support :
Business Courses
For Technical Writing 1
For Technical Writing 2
For Technical Communication
For issues related to e-mail accounts and Microsoft Teams
Any issues related to E-Learning Moodle
Any other IT Troubleshooting

7)     Students may contact their respective lecturer through college email (within the 48-hour period given) if they have any doubts and clarifications on the assignments.
8)     Students should be aware that this assignment is an independent assessment. Students are not allowed to get help from any other person during the assessment period.
9)     Students assignment will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin software. This assignment will be assessed as per the College Assessment Policy. Student will be investigated in case of plagiarism as per the College policy and procedures. The maximum acceptable similarity index is 25%.
10)  In case the students face any technical issues regarding the submission of assignment, the answer to the assignment can be mailed to the concerned lecturer within the 48-hour period using college email.
11) Any assignment submitted after the 48-hour period will not be considered for evaluation.
12) The assignment should be submitted only with the file in MS Word document. No other format is acceptable at all (e.g. pictures, JPEG, PDF, etc).
13) The students need to answer the assignment in the prescribed number of words as mentioned in the assignment.
14) The students need to follow the following format while preparing the assignment :
Font Style: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12 point for body and 14 point for Headings
Line Spacing: 1.5
Margin: 2.54cm (One inch) on all the sides
Page Number : At the bottom right hand corner of each page
Colour: All words should be in black colour
15) Students who will fail to submit their assignment as per the deadline given are required to make an online appeal along with the valid excuses as the guidelines which will be announced through the college website or e-learning portal within three days from the date of submission deadline.
Case studies
                                                                                                            (Suggested time: 48 hours)   
Instructions: Read and analyze each case carefully. Answer all the questions.
Case I:                                                                                                            (2 +3=  5 marks)
Uniliver Corporation is a well-established Trading Company in Muscat. It belongs to top performing companies in the country and they got numerous awards for the past years for their good performance in the market. The Finance Manager, Mr. Ahmed is tasked to make the impossible, possible. The company needs provide regular salary to their 6,000 employees, pay all their suppliers on time which at present, available cash will not enough since their collections are very slow due to COVID 19 issue; which is affecting all economic activities in the world.
From the above scenario, answer the following questions below. (Minimum word count for answers in case study is 50-100 words)

  1. Identify and explain at least 3 main functions of Ahmed as financial manager, displayed in the case. (3 marks )


  1. If you were Mr. Ahmed what would be your recommendations on how and where they can get the funds for the company requirements? Justify your answer. (2 marks)

Case 2                                                                                                             (2 +3=  5 marks)
Mr. Badar, the CEO attended the meeting on first week of January, 2020, and   discussed with the Board of Directors in opening a new investment venture as part of their expansion. To do so, the company needs an additional capital of RO R.O 1,000,000 and they all decided to assign their marketing and finance departments to prepare a business plan for new investment venture before their next meeting on June, 2020.
The following are some of the considerations which the Board of Director may look into: (1) The stock’s price for oil and gas companies are very low,(2) real estate business is promising and government treasury bills  is also available since the Muscat Security market opened the market for trading. (3) They have to think on some sources of financing for the project.
The stakeholders learned about it and they made a petition for the decision of the Board of Directors on the ground of impracticality due to the current crisis that the returns will not be realistic.
From the above scenario, answer the following Questions below. (Minimum word count for answers in case study is 50-100 words)

  1. Which investment venture they should select? Explain your answer by highlighting the potentials of the new venture. How they will finance it?                                    ( 2 marks)


  1. Would you agree on the argument of the shareholders? Analyse on how the shareholders can influence the company Board’s decision?                      (3 marks)

Case 3                                                                                                             (2 +2+1=  5 marks)
Ms. Bushra has been working as a bank manager for a long period of time. She was promoted from her previous position as head of loans division. She is very knowledgeable on the Central Bank rulings and policies regarding interest on loans and deposits.
Being exposed on the workings on accounts, loans management, she was offered to become consultant of the biggest investment company in the country. As a consultant, she is offered higher salary and bigger benefits and it’s a big break on her career, so in the end; she accepted the offer.
She looked into the current events happening the financial market:

  • Currently, the Muscat Security Market is reporting growth in the market index and it is showing positive indications of moving forward.
  • The BP (Britain Pound- sterling) as presented in the exchange rate chart is showing increase against US Dollar stating mid of April till end of the month.
  • Falcon Insurance, a subsidiary of Al Anwar Holding, float an initial public offering on the Muscat Securities Market (MSM).
  • Oman Reinsurance Company – will issue shares to the investing public.

The recommendations and suggestions are vested with the finance manager now.
From the above scenario,  answer the following questions below. (Minimum word count for answers in case study is 50 – 100)

  1. a. If you were Bushra, in which types of Financial Markets would you recommend for them to invest based on the above 4 current events? Justify your answer.                                                                                                                                                                                  (3 marks)


  1. How would you explain the risk and return trade off of each financial markets you have chosen? ( 2 marks)

CASE 4                                                                                                          (2 +3=  5 marks)

  1. Following the EOQ model, Khamis Footwear sells an estimated 8,000 of pairs of shoes, quarterly. It estimated order cost per year is R.O. 20 with corresponding R.O 80 holding cost per year.
  2. Solve for EOQ ( 1.5 marks)
  3. If there will be an increase for demand for pair of shoes for 40% with corresponding increase of 10% in order cost, what will be the new EOQ? (1.5 marks)
  4. Based on the computed EOQs, what can you recommend to the company (1mark)

CASE 5                                                                                                         (2 +3=  5 marks)
Mr. Hakim the CEO of ABC company is not very happy regarding the liquidity status of the company. According to the reports of finance manager there is possibility of short fall of cash for the next months to come. So he is thinking now, on how company can effectively maintain the efficient cash management? He even hired Ms. Marya,  as  external financial analyst to help in deeper analysis of the company’s cash conversion cycle.
The following are the data are provided to Ms. Marya :

  • The credit purchases during the year is 200,000, while the accounts payable at the beginning is 150,000 and it became 50,000 at the end of the year.
  • The total COGS is 200,000 while the ending inventory is 150,000 and the beginning inventory is 200,000.
  • The credit net sales is 950,000 during the year, while the debtors at the beginning of the year is 60,000 and becomes 120,000 at the end of the year.


  1. By using 365 days in a year, calculate: Cash conversion Cycle ( 3 marks) 

 b . If The target CCC of the company is 3 months,, compare it with the your computed CCC, what is the result?  Analyse and give recommendations to the company.    (2 marks)
 CASE 6                                                                                                         (2 +3=  5 marks)                                                                   
Z and K company is a partnership manufacturing company. One of the partners Mr. Zack  was so sad on the day that he learned that the company he has built and worked hard almost all his is not doing good compared to last year performance. They have enough cash, they are very have high liquidity but what really went wrong?
He decided to talk to his partner who is his cousin whose specialization is more on sales and marketing and they decided to hire a finance manager.
Mr. Ali, the newly hired Finance manager was hired based on his experience and strong credentials. He gathered all the data needed and studied it f or one week. They scheduled a meeting and asked Mr. Ali to do presentations on the issue. Mr. Ali found out that the main issue is capital budgeting, the company is not following the correct process. For example: they have don’t know how to match their funds with short-term or long term investment. They don’t know how to analyze the returns of their investments. Sometimes when they bought new machine they don’t even check that it is better to rent than buy new one.
From the above scenario, answer the following Questions below. (Minimum word count for answers in case study is 100)

  1. If you were Mr. Ali, how would you present the importance capital budgeting as well as the whole process to the owners?                                                                           (3 marks)


  1. What solutions can you propose to them to resolve the issues? (2 marks)

CASE 7                                                                                                               (4+1=  5 marks)

  1. Assuming that BCD company is in the considering to engage in a new business venture and some investment companies submitted proposals to them with the following information:
Initial Investment 300,000 250,000
Estimated Life 5 YEARS 5 YEARS
Scrap Value 20,000 10,000
Year 1 50,000 25,000
Year 2 50,000 75,000
Year 3 120,000 80,000
Year 4 120,000 99,000
Year 5 150,000 100,000
Total Cash Inflows    

In addition, the standard discounted rate set by the company is 14 % for both proposals, refer to the table below.
Based on the above details solve for:

  1. NPV for 2 proposals (4 marks)


  1. If you were the owner of the company which proposal would you choose based on NPV? Explain your answer. (1 mark )

CASE 8                                                                                                           ( 4+1 =5 marks)

  1. Mr. Been received 2 is an owner of biggest hotel in Salahlah and he wanted to open new business in Muscat. He is considering 2 choices: restaurant or hypermarket. Has initial capital of R.0 800,000. His accountant showed him the projected cash flows:
Year Restaurant Hypermarket
1 160,000 100,000
2 180,000 250,000
3 200,000 300,000
4 250,000 400,000
5 600,00 300,000


  1. Payback period for 2 proposals (4 marks)

b    Which proposal would you choose based on payback period ? Explain   (1 mark)
Case 9                                                                                                                      (4+1 =  5)                       This is the Financial Statements of 2 textiles companies: AB and CD:

 Particulars    AB Company CD Company
Income Statement OMR OMR OMR OMR
Sales   250,000   160,000
Less: Cost of goods sold        
Opening stock 90,000   30,000  
Add: Purchase 210,000   120,000  
  300,000   150,000  
Less: closing stock (110,000) (190,000) (50,000) (100,000)
Gross profit   60,000   60,000
Less: expenses        
Wages and salaries 14,000   10,000  
Other expenses 21,000 (35,000) 18,000 (28,000)
Net profit   25,000   32,000
Balance Sheet        
Fixed assets        
Equipment after depreciation   12,000   3,000
Motor after depreciation   18,000   13,000
Total Fixed assets   30,000   16,000
Current Assets:        
Stock 110,000   50,000  
Inventory 62,500   20,000  
Bank 7,500   10,000  
Total Current Assets   180,000   80,000
Total Assets   210,000   96,000
Long term Liabilities   50,000   10,000
Current liabilities        
Creditors 27,000   6,000  
Accounts payable           7,000 4,000  
Total Current liabilities   34,000   10,000
Total Liabilities   84,000       20,000
Financed by:        
Equity 100,000   40,000  
Retained Earnings 13,000   4,000  
(+) Net Profit 13,000      32,000  
Total Equity   120,000   76,000
Total Equity and Liabilities   210,000   96,000

Based from the financial statement shown above: For AB and CD textile companies calculate:

  1. Current Ratio of both companies and interpret the results. (3 marks)

b  Quick ratio of both companies  and interpret results.                                            (2 marks)
CASE 10                                                                                                                   ( 3+2 =5) 
Balance Sheet Sand and Stones Companies for year ended, December 2019

Fixed assets        
Building   520,000   300,000
Land   580,000   230,000
Total Fixed assets   1,100,000   530,000
Current Assets:        
Accounts receivable 250,000   350,000  
Inventory 300,000   420,000  
Cash on hand 500,000   110,000  
Total Current Assets   1,050,000   880,000
Total Assets   2,150,000   1,410,00
Long term Liabilities   350,000   300,000
Current liabilities        
Sundry Creditors 950,000   55,000  
Accounts payable           350,000 45,000  
Total Current liabilities   1, 300,000   100,000
Total Liabilities   1, 650,000       400,000
Financed by:        
Equity 300,000   300,000  
Retained Earnings 50,000   400,000  
(+) Net Profit 150,000      310,000  
Total Equity   500,000   1, 010,000
Total Equity and Liabilities   2, 150,000   1,410,000

Based form the financial statement shown above: for Sand Company  and Stones Company calculate:

  1. Debt to Equity Ratio of both interpret the results .             (3 marks)


  1. Between 2 companies, which has a better balance sheet position? Explain Briefly (2 marks)


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