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Males and Females Differences Essay

Males and Females Differences Essay

The differences between males and females have become a subject of many social and psychological studies. In this case, one should not speak only about physiological differences. It is also important to remember about attitudes, beliefs, or values which influence the behavior of a person. These distinctions can be attributed to two important factors, namely nature and nurture. This paper will discuss the impact of these forces in greater detail.Males and Females Differences Essay

At first, one should speak about the biological aspects of gender. For instance, researchers note that some behaviors of men and women can be explained by the impact of various hormones (Sammons 1). For instance, one should mention that testosterone is usually produced “in greater quantities by males” (Sammons 1). In turn, this hormone is related to aggressive behavior and willingness to use physical force (Sammons 1). Moreover, researchers note that women usually have higher levels of oxytocin (Sammons 1). In turn, this hormone may increase the sociability of a person (Sammons 1). One should keep in mind that men and women have different chromosomes, and they are responsible for the production of various hormones (Sammons 1). So, it is possible to say that the distinctions between males and females are determined by nature. Moreover, these effects cannot be easily changed by parents or educators. This is one of the points that can be made.Males and Females Differences Essay


Nevertheless, it is critical to remember that the differences between males and females are also related to nurture. Nurture includes such elements as education, attitudes of parents, the influence of educators, and social norms that are set for people. For instance, girls are supposed to play with dolls, rather than toy guns (Power). Additionally, they are expected to act as mothers. Sometimes, social environment can produce negative effects on a person. For example, in many countries, females are forced to believe that a woman should not act as public leaders (Power). Furthermore, they may not be allowed to dispute the authority of men. Apart from that, it is possible to speak about the impact of mass media on the values of both boys and girls. Very often, they can impose certain norms of behavior on men and women (Power). In many cases, mass media depict the aggressive behavior of males. In contrast, boys often emulate this behavior. So, parents, teachers and mass media create the “stereotypes” of gender (Power). Thus, it is possible to say that the differences of males and women are caused mostly by nurture.

Sometimes, people can assume that the influence of the social environment is the most important factor. Nevertheless, the impact of nature should not be dismissed because researchers have already identified the impact of different genes on the behavior of a person. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the impact of physiological characteristics has not been fully examined. So, it is possible that in the future, researchers will learn even more about the impact of nature. Thus, this factor can contribute to the distinctions between males and females.Males and Females Differences Essay

On the whole, this discussion indicates that gender differences can be explained by various factors. It is important to speak about the impact of both nature and nurture. Much attention should be paid to the influence of mass media, education, social norms, and culture. Still, the impact of nature can also profoundly influence the behavior of an individual. These are the main details that can be mentioned.

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