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Literature homework help

Literature homework help. Topic: Is 5G exaggerated in how it will impact the global economy?
1. The paper should be between 4,000 to 5,000 words (excluding the reference list). Every essay must have a word count listed on the title page.
2. You should do an extensive literature search, in addition to using the materials in both the lectures and tutorials.
3. It is fine to make a series of observations but do your best to organize these to support an overall argument.
4. Make sure that you set out the essay in a logical way and try not to jump about from point to point or between arguments.
5. Strive to make your point of view clear and rigorous.
6. Paragraphs should deal with one major idea. They should be more than one sentence long. If your paragraphs are short, it probably means that you are not developing the thought in the paragraph sufficiently.
7. Always leave the reader with a strong introduction and conclusion.
8. Try to use section headings to differentiate parts of your essay.
9. Use references to published sources to support your claims. Two references for a whole paper would be insufficient. Two or three references per page would be a more reasonable minimum. 10. Make sure to number the pages of your essay.
11. You need to make a judgement about what you should use for your work. Be careful to remember that most websites have their own particular agenda or viewpoints and you need to bear this in mind when using information from the web. Make sure that you reference web-based material fully.

Literature homework help


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