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Legalization Of Marijuana Throughout States

Legalization Of Marijuana Throughout States

Legalization of marijuana use is spreading throughout states in the nation. There are many people who want to make recreational marijuana legal in the state of Texas. Some opponents of keeping marijuana criminalized argue that it would decreased alcohol and tobacco consumption, makes people passive and peaceful and that it aids those who are in pain. However after researching the effects that long-term marijuana use has on people, one will find that those are not realistically always the case and that many of the negative effects of marijuana are downplayed. I personally know many people whose lives have been ruined from the moment they decided to smoke their first a joint.Legalization Of Marijuana Throughout States

The first thing I would like to look at look at is how powerful of a gateway drug I can be. After asking most people that I know who are addicted to it, why I smoked it so much other moved on to Other Drugs after a while the high is not the same they go to the next level another joke. Marijuana is the easiest to get in the black market, after finding a weed dealer, one eventually gains access to Other Drugs after the weed has lost its ability to get one high, then it’s on to the next &. According to the New York Times, ” there is ample evidence that early initiation of drug use prime’s the brain for enhanced later responses to other drugs.” Studies have shown that “people who are addicted to marijuana are three times more likely to be addicted to heroin and consume more, not less, legal and illegal drugs than people who do not use marijuana.”


Study done by the American Journal of psychiatry found that “Cannabis usage throughout the teenage years effects for specific components of the teenagers memory: problem solving long term memory, short-term memory manipulation and the ability to stop a habitual Behavior needed.” One could only imagine the atrocious danger this would put others safety in while driving. I am suggesting that legalizing marijuana for recreational use would raise the rate of imperative driving fatalities. The possibilities of harm would be exacerbated as more people would try driving under the influence. some may argue that one can simply control the amount that they use. However that hasn’t played out too well with the other big legal substance: alcohol. even with alcohol at least a breathalyzer test can tell if your blood alcohol level is over the legal limit, but there is no test to tell whether or not one is too high. gather makes it more unsafe for our family members friends and loved ones to get home safely. This disturbing possibility should be enough to make others want to keep this drug the way it should be: controlled.

A wise thing to acknowledge would be the ways marijuana would affect one’s future physical and mental health. According to Webb MN, ” regular use can lead to memory loss, trouble learning and thinking, changes in brain structure and trouble at work and school.” Long term effects of regular use are lung problems, chronic cough, trouble breathing intense nausea, vomiting, faster heart rate, which may raise one’s risk for a heart attack and mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.” studies done by the tablet have found that” marijuana smoke, both firsthand and secondhand, contains many of the same cancer-causing chemicals tobacco smoke and daily or near-daily marijuana smoking is strongly associated with premalignant lesions that may lead to cancer in the airways.Legalization Of Marijuana Throughout States

As you can see from these statements based on scientific evidence he made legal for recreational use. It would be detrimental to the public. Marijuana use threatens the health and safety of everyone. I’ve seen a number of people who have wrecked their lives and throwing their potential the drain the moment they started smoking marijuana and became addicted slaves ensnared to the bondage. Yes there are benefits to smoking for medicinal purposes when the circumstances call for it. But we are not talking about medicinal purposes we are talking about recreational purposes with no boundaries and no guardrails. Legalizing marijuana for recreational use, makes as much sense as making clonazepam and Novocaine legal for recreational use. It would cause a disaster and it should not be done. I would rather have potheads and abusers destroy their own bodies and lives privately illegally than to legalize marijuana and extend the possibility of more people recklessly abusing this drug potentially, while putting at risk the safety of my family members friends and loved ones and other innocent lives.

Legalization Of Marijuana Throughout States


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