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Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical Benefits Essay

Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical Benefits Essay

War veterans have served the United States selfless for years – so shouldn’t they receive the same generous reception upon coming home? In the past, war veterans have always received appropriate medical benefits after serving. However, are veterans of the Iraq War receiving the same amount of medical relief? Or are they, in fact, being cheated out of the medical aid they deserve?Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical Benefits Essay

The truth is disturbing. It seems that hundreds, if not thousands of Iraq War veterans are being denied medical benefits. How is the government doing this? Well, one of the leading causes, unbelievably, is false diagnoses. War veterans returning from Iraq – regardless of injuries, wounds or other war-induced ailments – are being rampantly diagnosed with something known as ‘personality disorder.’ Such a disorder can be argued, unlike many other disorders, to have been present before a veteran’s tour of duty even began. This means the government escapes having to pay medical benefits and disability compensation for these veterans. Physical injuries, PTSD and other issues seem to have no effect on this diagnosis; in fact, military doctors have been known to completely ignore all other symptoms and ailments in favor of proclaiming a veteran as having a personality disorder. Veterans, as a result, go completely untreated for serious issues; some untreated soldiers have even committed suicide from war-driven fears, while others (re-diagnosed by non-government doctors) have been found to have serious post-war problems, such as PTSD. All of these issues were deliberately overlooked by military doctors in favor of the ‘personality disorder’ diagnosis.Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical Benefits Essay


So, why is the government effectively ignoring serious war-induced ailments in veterans and cheating them out of medical benefits via the personality disorder diagnosis? So they can save money. If the government handed out medical benefits to all veterans, they would lose billions of dollars every year. Rather than cater to the medical needs of our brave soldiers, the government has opted to deny key medical services to the military men that need it most – all to save a quick buck. The overwhelming amount of veterans seeking benefits (most of them requiring long-term treatment) has also caused the government to back away from handing out expensive medical benefits. The current generation of veterans has some of the most dramatic physical and psychological problems of any war-wearied soldiers, but the government doesn’t want to spend the cash to help with recovery.

Misdiagnosis is a growing problem for discharged veterans. The government is struggling to cheat as many veterans out of medical benefits as they can in order to protect national funds. It’s no wonder that many veterans are protesting, suing and crying out against their government. Iraq War Vets Cheated on Medical Benefits Essay



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