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Intelligence Test Sample Essay

Intelligence Test Sample Essay

Intelligence tests are anticipated to measure how smart an individual is but I feel that the tests should be avoided at all costs. This is simply because classifying persons as skilled or unskilled can become a self-fulfilling prediction (TERMAN 79). For example in schools, terming some of the students as “learning disabled” and taking them in special classes with easier tasks makes them lag behind their peers. Those termed as intelligent on the other hand may end up taking advantage of the so-called “not intelligent”. It is therefore advisable for individuals not to know how their intellects rank compared to their colleagues. Intelligence Test Sample Essay


    Intelligence is the ability to think critically, reason, and comprehend things instead of doing them spontaneously or naturally. Intelligence is inherited but the environment plays a critical role in the determination of the extent to which intelligence is expressed.

According to Francis Galton, intelligence is quantifiable and normally distributed. Someone’s intelligence can be measured by the way he conducts himself, resolves issues and reacts to situations. People with high intelligence take their time before they make critical decisions and address issues rather than fight them compared to those with low intelligence.

Alfred-Binet and Theodore Simon test of mental ages cannot be used to determine a single, eternal and born with intelligence. Intelligence is a wide concept that cannot be measured using a single number. Additionally, intelligence is determined by a range of factors that change from time to time and can only relate to individuals from similar backgrounds. Intelligence Test Sample Essay

According to Dr. Howard Gardner, all individuals have various types of intelligence. An individual may be particularly skilled in a certain area whereby they possess a range of abilities in that specific area. For instance, an individual may be strong in verbal, musical and naturalistic intelligence.

According to Dr. Sternberg, the difference in determining whether one is brilliant relies on how individuals utilize and maintain their mental abilities.  Intelligence measuring involves evaluating how much of a particular capability everyone has and how we syndicate our abilities to resolve difficulties.


    According to Dr. Claude Steele’s stereotype threat concept, assumptions that cultural differences make some students perform poorly in schools is faulty. Negative stereotypes raise constraining doubts and concerns on the victim’s mind making them fail (TERMAN 103). Additionally, reminding individuals that they belong to certain stereotyped group results in negative results. Intelligence Test Sample Essay

Intelligence should be measured on people’s ability to learn and apply new ways of solving different problems in life and performing various activities. Additionally, it should be measured based on the knowledge we have acquired throughout our lives.

In conclusion, intelligence should not be measured to avoid some people taking advantage of their fellow human beings. Those considered to be intelligent may take advantage of those with less intelligence. Additionally, people are skilled differently which means an individual may be weak in one area but strong in another area. In a nutshell, everyone has strengths and weaknesses.

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Intelligence Test Sample Essay


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