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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Mr. PeObjective

Write a report, based on a recent news article, on how information systems are solving business problems or creating new business opportunities.


Use business news sources (e.g. Financial Times, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, LA Times Business Section, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.) to find one or more articles on how an information system is being used in business.  There are multiple news sources available through the Pollak Library or other search engines.
Explain how the new information system

  • Makes use of all aspects of the Five Component Model and
  • Connects to other topics covered in ISDS 351

A strong paper will show clear connections to the Five Component Model and other course topics (e.g. Information Systems we have studied, Strategic Planning, Project Management concepts, etc.).  Do not merely mention these topics, but show clearly how your selected article connects to those topics.
Remember to justify any conclusions you make and state your assumptions.  Follow the Titan motto and “Reach Higher“ in your writing efforts.  The expectations for this assignment will be high.
Your paper must be at least 2 full pages, single spaced.  A strong paper will be longer than 2 pages in order to provide full and complete explanations of the information system, how it ties to the Five Component Model, and how other course elements are related.  However, do not confuse quantity with quality.  A longer paper is not automatically a better paper.
The source news article(s) must have been published on or after January 1, 2019.  Your paper must include the URLs to the article(s) used in your report.  Papers that do not include links to the source article(s) will receive a 0 score.
It is preferred that you use the Chicago Manual of Style notes citation style, however APA or MLA will also be accepted. You must use one of these styles.  Contact the university Writing Center if you need assistance with these styles.


The paper must be submitted in Titanium no later than 11:59 PM on May 8.

Mr. PeHow to Submit

Upload the Word Document to the Extra Credit assignment in Titanium.

Mr. PeGrade

This report is worth up to 10 additional points on your final exam grade.
Partial credit may be given for papers that do not clearly demonstrate multiple connections between the article or articles used and the course content.

Information Systems homework help


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