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Influence Of Passive Smoking On Children

Influence Of Passive Smoking On Children

Passive smoking appears when someone lights a cigarette. The effects of passive smoking will not disappear unless everyone in the world does not smoke. Many people hold the view that the adverse effects on active smokers are more than passive smokers and therefore people often give enough tolerance to active smoking. However, there is no risk-free level of passive smoke exposure. According to the World Health Organization, passive smoking causes more than 600,000 deaths every year, one third of which are children.Influence Of Passive Smoking On Children


Passive smoking is a threat to children’s health. Why do we attach more importance to the effects of passive smoking on children’s health? Children are affected by passive smoking at a higher rate than adults, as children’s health are more fragile than adults’. According to the research, the children who die of smoke-related respiratory infections are more likely to exposed to passive smoking principally in their own homes. As an adult, we can choose where we are. If we feel uncomfortable in a place, we have the capacity to get away from it. However, children neither can choose their family or has the ability to escape from the places which may do harm to them. Children is weaker than other groups in the society. It’s why we often pay more attention to the things related to children. When the children become the protagonists of the tragedy, the story will deliver a sense of powerless and the hope of citizens will take a hit. It’s woe to the world.Influence Of Passive Smoking On Children

Passive smoking do more harm than people think, especially to children. In many people’s opinions, active smoking or passive smoking related to some mild respiratory illnesses, which seems non-lethal. However, passive smoking may cause children to have many other kinds of diseases, such as ear infections, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. What diseases the children get can be detected and be cured for. What’s  more thrilling, passive smoking may lead to weak organs and prevent the to grow their full potential. In very young children, passive smoking even increases the risk sudden infant death syndrome. The second-hand smoke generally destroys the smoker’s dearest ones first. It’s the smoker’s woe.

Although some smokers tend to quit smoking, one in every three adults are smokers, according to the World Health Organization. Fortunately, nowadays smoking in some places was prohibited by law in some countries. It’s said that there is 7.4% of the world’s population live in countries with laws to prevent smoking in public places. We all know it is hard for smokers to quit smoking therefore we never compel smokers to quit smoking. Many countries prohibit smokers from smoking in public places by moral or by law in order to reduce the effects of second-hand smoke. However,we can condemn smokers for smoking in a private place where there is some non-smokers,but it’s difficult to state that it is illegal to smoke in some private places, especially at home, which seems unreasonable. Therefore, how to protect children from second-hand smoke is a problem to be solved. Influence Of Passive Smoking On Children


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