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Inbound Marketing for the 3600 Rotational Cameras Sample Essay

Inbound Marketing for the 3600 Rotational Cameras Sample Essay

Inbound marketing is a strategy adopted by organizations to draw customers to their products, rather than investing heavily in aggressive marketing to obtain clients. This technique requires a firm to convert strangers to customers, a process that needs a creative combination of various marketing channels to capture the attention of the target audience. Our selected product is the 3600 rotational camera that will be used for traffic lights. Our target customers are the local and city governments across the United States.




At the moment, the city and local governments are not aware of our product and the benefits it will offer. We intend to use blogging, social media, and keyword optimization strategies to attract these valuable customers to learn about our cameras. Our organization will have a content creator whose primary objective will be to consistently publish educative information about the cameras on the social media pages, and blogs. This regular posts will allow interaction with these strangers, thus gradually changing them to visitors.


Conversion is the next step in the inbound marketing funnel that requires an organization to change the website traffic into leads. In this stage, the content we have on our social media and blogs meets the expectations of the strangers, therefore, they can relate with the product. The strategies that we will use to convert these strangers to visitors are call-to-action, forms to contact, and landing page. The forms to contact will provide details on contact information that the visitors can use to seek more information on the 3600 rotational cameras. The call-to-action will turn these visitors into leads. Wherever possible, our organization will give the local and city governments an opportunity for impulse buying. Through this exposure of visitors to the landing pages, the customers can freely, and comfortably interact with the website, thus having them as leads.




Having a lead customer is not a guarantee of a sale. Our organization will invest in lead nurturing where our content creator will get these lead customers to know, like, and trust our organization through the online content. We will develop a relationship with the buyers at each phase of the purchase funnel. We will train our marketing team on how to listen keenly to the needs of the leads, and provide them with accurate information as requested. One of the strategies we will use is creating customized content depending on the purchasing cycle of a customer. This information will be provided in emails, ads, or any other format that customers can easily view on their cellphones, tablets, or desktops. Since we have a specific target market, we will nurture the city and local governments for a long period as a way of enhancing our favorable response to their requirements. Through this lead nurturing, we are certain that we have acquired customers for our 3600 rotational cameras.


The process of acquiring a customer is quite simple compared to that of retaining them. Our marketers will have to ensure that they make follow-up with our customers as a way of retaining them, and enhancing the reputation of our company. We will allow the city and local governments to scale their level of satisfaction, which we will provide review or thank you pages. To be more appealing to our customers, we will use strategies such as sustaining this relationship, constantly availing information on any improvements of the product, and maintaining communication through email. Besides, we will keep in touch with the customers through social media, and always commit to deliver whatever we promise. A high level of customer satisfaction results in them becoming promoters of our 3600 rotational camera, which will help in creating more leads.

Inbound Marketing for the 3600 Rotational Cameras Sample Essay


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