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Importance Of Vaccination Essay

Importance Of Vaccination Essay

This paper explores the importance of vaccine to the human kind. This work deals with the pivotal role of vaccine in our life. Vaccine is a biological substance that helps to increase the immunity against the disease. The vaccine is similar to the computers antivirus software program which detects the malfunctioning program from the computer and tries to remove it. Vaccine contains the substance which is similar to the disease causing microorganism, this microorganism will provoke the body’s immune system, to identify it, destroy it and remember about it.Importance Of Vaccination Essay

Vaccine will not contain any substance which makes you sick. The vaccination is the process of boasting your body’s immune system. You can be vaccinated for each microbe you need to become protected.


Vaccination is considered as one of the greatest contribution to the public health. An example of this lies in the eradication of smallpox, by the World Health Organisation. Immunization can often save your child’s life. Due to the advancements in the medical domain, we may protect our child from the more threatening disease then ever before.Importance Of Vaccination Essay

Some disease like plague that once injured and killed millions of people, have been eliminated by the process of vaccination. Vaccinations are considered to be safe and protective. It is offered to the people after a standard tests and careful observations of scientists and doctors.

Side effects after vaccination are very rare and not much intense. Scientists have been successful in developing vaccines against wide range of viruses and bacteria, thereby eliminating the wide array of diseases. Not only have the children, adults also needed to get updated with the vaccination. Childhood illness such as mumps, chickenpox, measles, flu, polio can also be prevented using vaccination. Numerous childhood diseases are prevented by following recommended standards of vaccinations. Apart from the general vaccinations, there is certain type of vaccination for certain group of people.

For example, first year college students living in hostels should be immunized against meningitis. Conclusion Thus the term vaccination means increasing the immunity towards the disease. The vaccine contains the dead or weak microorganisms. It is necessary that most people get vaccinated as soon as possible. When the vaccination is increased, the spread of the disease is minimized. If we continue vaccinating now, parents in future may be able to trust that some disease prevailing now will no longer available to harm their children in the future. Importance Of Vaccination Essay


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