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Human Resource Management homework help

Human Resource Management homework help.

Discussion Question 3-2 (50 points)
Xron Corporation is a large publicly-traded corporation. It employs 5,000 employees primarily in manufacturing jobs. It has just reviewed industry trends and decided to hire a significant number of new employees and invest more resources in forecasting and planning. Leadership is now considering how to be a more appealing employer to a diverse group of applicants.
Answer the following related questions to sourcing and identifying recruits:
1. What can Xron do to be a more appealing employer to people with disabilities?
2. What sourcing strategies do you think would be most effective for finding entry-level managers for large manufacturing companies like Xron?
3. If Xron wanted to recruit people like you, how could they best identify you and where could they put a recruiting message where you are likely to see and respond to it?

Human Resource Management homework help


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