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History of Nursing Research Worksheet

History of Nursing Research Worksheet

Nursing Research covers key issues, including health promotion, human responses to illness, acute care nursing research, symptom management, cost-effectiveness, vulnerable populations, health services, and community-based nursing studies” (Henly, 2013). Sigma Theta Tau Journal published by this organization is now called Image—The Journal of Nursing ScholarshipFirst published: 1967 Importance: “This widely read and respected journal features peer-reviewed, thought-provoking articles representing research by some of the world’s leading nurse researchers.History of Nursing Research Worksheet

Reaching health professionals, faculty and students in 90 countries, the Journal of Nursing Scholarship is focused on the health of people throughout the world.

It has influenced on nursing education administration, health issues related to nursing, and testing research in practice” (“Research In Nursing & Health “, n.

d. ). Western Journal of Nursing Research First published: 1979 Importance: “The dissemination of research studies, book reviews, discussion and debate, and meeting calendars, all directed to a general nursing audience. It has risen to the challenges of the ever-changing nursing research field, providing an innovative forum for nurse researchers, students and clinical practitioners to participate in ongoing scholarly debate” (Conn, 2013).History of Nursing Research Worksheet

Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing PracticeFirst published: 1987 Importance: “Research and Theory for Nursing Practice (former named Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice) focuses on issues relevant to improving nursing practice, education, and patient care.

The articles strive to discuss knowledge development in its broadest sense, reflect research using a variety of methodological approaches, and combine several methods and strategies in a single study. Because of the journal’s international emphasis, article contributors address the implications of their studies for an international audience” (“Springer Publish Company”, 2013).

Applied Nursing ResearchFirst published: 1988 Importance: “To present original, peer-reviewed research findings clearly and directly for clinical applications in all nursing specialties. Regular features include ‘Ask the Experts,’ research briefs, clinical methods, book reviews, news and announcements, and an editorial section. Applied Nursing Research covers such areas as pain management, patient education, discharge planning, nursing diagnosis, job stress in nursing, nursing influence on length of hospital stay, and nurse/physician collaboration” (“Applied Nursing Research”, 2013).

Nursing Science QuarterlyFirst published: 1988 Importance: “Nursing Science Quarterly (NSQ) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal publishing original manuscripts focusing on nursing theory development, nursing theory-based practice and quantitative and qualitative research related to existing nursing frameworks, contributed by the leading theorists, researchers and nurse executives” (“Nursing Science Quarterly”, 2013). Conduct and Utilization of Research in NursingFirst published: 1982-1983

Importance: “The Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing (CURN) project, an organizational approach, was designed to develop and test a model for using research-based knowledge in clinical practice settings” (Morse, 2006). Annual Review of Nursing ResearchFirst published: 1983 Importance: “The purpose of this annual review is to critically examine the full gamut of literature on key topics in nursing practice, including nursing theory, care delivery, nursing education, and the professional aspects of nursing. History of Nursing Research Worksheet

ARNR has brought together internationally recognized experts in the fields of nursing, and continues to deliver the highest standards of content and authoritative reviews of research for students, researchers, and clinicians” (“Springer Publishing Company”, 2013). AgenciesEstablishment date and goal or function: American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Council of Nurse Researchers Established: 1972 Goal: “The Council of Nurse Researchers helped with the development of research endeavors, gave credit to meritorious research, and facilitated the discussion of research ideas” (Burns ; Grove, 2009).

National Institute for Nursing Research (NINR)Established: 1993 Goal: “NINR is to promote and improve the health of individuals, families, communities, and populations. NINR supports and conducts clinical and basic research and research training on health and illness across the lifespan to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice, prevent disease and disability, manage and eliminate symptoms caused by illness, and improve palliative and end-of-life care” (“National Institute Of Nursing Research”,History of Nursing Research Worksheet


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